10 Tips On How To Gain More Viewers On Yoors...

10 Tips On How To Gain More Viewers On Yoors (Guaranteed!)

Are you looking for an easy way to gain more viewers for your post? This post will give you an analysis of various things that we have tried out ourselves that certainly do help in getting more readers, followers and naturally more earnings per post. Other than being yourself and writing about interesting subjects, there are a few more ways on how to broaden your audience on Yoors!

Complete your profile page

Please submit a profile picture, cover photo, username and bio so that users know what to expect when they visit your page. People are generally not attracted by the default green cover photo and empty John Doe profile pictures.

Once they see that you have a profile picture, they will be able to connect to you on a personal level. If you rather stay private, that's no problem also, just upload a profile picture that is related to the content you make. This is more than enough.


Introduce yourself

Please introduce yourself with the hashtag iamnewhere and participate in the pool to earn the boosters. We cannot stress this enough. This will make users connect with you on a personal level. Include a picture of yourself. If you are a bit more reserved and would like to keep your privacy, include a picture of your work!

Also do not only create an empty post with this hashtag, introduce yourself as you would on your first job interview or when you are potentially going to make new friends.

Even if you are an old member and have not made an introduction post yet, it is not too late. Of course it's not mandatory, but highly recommended!


Enable and edit translations for your posts

When you enable Yoors Translations for your posts, you will receive a bigger audience. Yoors offers automatic translations, English is always free*.  More people will be able to read your post, especially if you have translated into English. Some translations are all too literal, and can be wrong, but you can easily correct this. After the translation is generated, you can edit it by:

1. Selecting the translation with the Select Language button on the top of the page.

2. Clicking on the pencil icon to edit your translation

*Premium users can choose up to 55 supported languages.


Add an interesting title to your post

The title of your post will be one of the first things that people will see before clicking through. Check the photo that I have attached. Which one of the posts do you think will be clicked first?

Surely you know? Your title should be  a brief summary of your post, but also keep it interesting. Excluding a title can also work in your advantage, but then it's smart to add a picture or video to your post to attract attention.


Comment on other posts

Do not just make a post, log out of Yoors and come back the next day to see how many likes you received. Browse around to see if you can find users who have the same interests as you and comment under their posts.

Give your honest opinion about each other's posts. Compliment the post, give advice, share your own experience. I guarantee 99% that this will result in a new follower! If it's not from the author, it will be someone who agrees with your comment!

Also reply or give a heart to others who have commented on yours, so that they know that you noticed them!




Give a warm welcome to new members

After commenting on their first post, new members will take a look at your profile on how they can grow bigger themselves. They will look at you as a source of inspiration and your profile page will show them what you have achieved so far. Of course they will also be interested and curious about you welcoming them on such a friendly way.

Also offer them help on any way possible, if they are in need. You can do this through personal message, a post dedicated to them or a comment!



Like and share each other's posts

To some, saving Yoors Points, means not giving them out at all. But in my own experience, if you give Yoors Points, you will receive even more than you had before. If you see a post that interests you, press the heart button. It's just 10 Yoors Points. If the post exceeded your expectations, double tap on the heart button to give more. The author will appreciate this, and it will spark the interest on who has given them.

Also when they visit their YP history overview,  they will see their top 6 supporters on the top. You will forever be remembered as a supporter and in turn they will support you too! Don't forget to take a look at your top supporters, and thank them from time to time!

Post regularly

People will become interested once they see that you are a regular poster. They love to see your posts pop up on their feed and do not like to wait weeks for a new post.

We all have busy schedules, but try to post 1-2 times a week, to keep your readers interested in your content.

Participate in challenges

Lately we have had multiple challenges and boosters on Yoors. When in doubt, other participants of the challenge will look at your own posts for inspiration on what to post for the day or the next day.

They will comment on your creativity and also thank you for your participation in the challenge. A gain in followers and viewers is imminent.


Step out of your comfort zone

You can always post about things you have never posted about before. Try something new, deviate from the old. If you've never made a drawing before, heck, let's try it out just for today! If you've never written about politics in your life, why not maybe make a post about it today?

Sometimes we are too afraid of losing followers because of this. But maybe, just maybe, you will lose 1 follower and gain 10 back.