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What to draw when bored - Kids edition

“Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity.”

“I think it’s necessary to let kids be bored once in a while, that’s how they learn to be creative.” -Kim Raver

When boredom kills you,kill it with your creativity. According to Mary Lou Cook “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” And what better way to have fun than drawing.

To talk about the benefits of drawing for kids,

It helps to focus
It encourages creativity
Builds fine motor skills and pre-writing skills
Develops hand eye coordination
it improves mood
It helps in cognition and logical thinking

What are the stages of drawing in kids?

  • 12 months: Random and uncontrolled Scribbles in the form of vertical and horizontal lines and multiple line drawings
  • 2 years:Controlled scribbling in the form of horizontal and vertical line, multiple loops and spirals, roughly drawn circles and shapes that resemble letters T and V
  • 3 years: Basic shapes like circles and squares, cross,dots, shapes that resemble letters T, V and H
  • 4 years: Patterns and 'Tadpole' people.They may draw squares, circles and rectangles and attempts at triangles and diamonds, crosses and letters (pretend writing)
  •  5 years: Pictures and portraits ,are able to draw basic shapes,triangles and diamonds and spontaneous letters

  • 6 years: Drawings represent interests and experience,able to form good circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and diamonds.
  •  7 years:Show higher level of cognition by drawing people, animals and objects on a baseline, such as on the ground or grass.

100 ideas for kids to draw when bored

It's for sure kids like to draw,but sometimes a blank paper and pencil may not be enough to stimulate their creativity and bright their bored mind.

 Here's the epic list of 100  drawing ideas to help kids kill the boredom effectively and you can bookmark this post to come back  later.Check out the links for details.

For infants ,drawing is all about painting   “contained” in a bag or box or with edible paint recipes .
  1. Tummy time art:This mess free activity helps infants in creativity and fine motor development.Little kids can draw on these paint bags and also see what happens to colors when they mix.
  2. Cling film drawing:No mess cling film art is perfect for children that don't like to get too messy and the paintings look so beautiful when the cling film is peeled off.
  3. Marble painting:Putting a piece of paper in a box and then adding some paint and a marble or two before tilting and shaking with a lid on top, which makes it virtually mess-free and perfect for babies.
  4. Bubble wrap art:Popping bubbles and squishing the paint...All fun with no mess.
  5. Finger painting:When children can feel the cool, squishy texture of the paint and experiment with colour and patterns, it encourages their creativity. It’s also a good way for children to express emotions.
  6. Ice painting is a fun art idea for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It's process driven and a great sensory way of exploring colours.

For toddlers,we have crayons,tempera paints and process art.

7.Mesh print art:This activity is perfect for toddlers as it is easy to get paint on to the paper without too many drips and it’s lots of fun to dab and stamp away at the paper.

8.Drawing with cars: Any little ones that love playing with cars are sure to love this vehicle themed mark making activity.

9.Fork printing:The great thing about this activity is that you can let your child freely paint as they wish. This is key to developing their individual creativity.

10.Balloon printing:Messy play to decorate some easter eggs.

11.Lego printing:Painting with toys emphasizes the fun of creating art and invites children to look at their favourite things in a different way.

12.Crayon painting :Who wouldn’t love painting with warm melted crayons.

13.Foil scribbling :Perfect activity to replace the traditional mark making activities.

14.Cardboard box drawing:This is for little ones who loves drawing on walls .put them in a cardboard box and let them have fun with colours on cardboard.

15.Finger print art:Coat your fingers with colours to create cool art.

16.q tip drawing:Mess free pre-writing and drawing.

17.Drawing with a bunch of pens:Explore different drawing techniques with markers in a bunch.

18.Sidewalk chalk art:Create colourful strokes with chalks on sidewalk.

Preschoolers work with different media and process art is always on the top of the list.

19.Symmetry drawing :Draw a simple half picture and let the kids complete the other half.

20.Shadow tracing :Fun and simple way to teach kids about light and the basics of how light works.

21 Balloons and sharpies :So fun to work on balloons with sharpies.

22.Hand tracing :This is for kids who hate art.

23.Stencil drawing : Let's go back to basics with a set of whimsical stencils.

24.Draw on laminated faces :Absolute fun with full of giggles.

25.Leaf rubbing:Did you know that rubbing of crayons on paper can bring magic?

26.Draw with blocks:create fun drawings outlining the shapes with colour pens.

27.Draw on maps:Let the kids draw the routes on maps.

28.Connect the dots:Kid connects the dots following the number sequence.

29.Mixed media art :Just set up a tray in the middle of the table, along with sharpies, sequins, a few glue bottles, and some paint.

30.Loose parts drawing: Awesome extention to the loose parts play.

Kindergartners with their newly acquired writing skills can explore a variety of drawing techniques when bored.

31.Finger print art :It’s amazing what you can create with just your fingerprints or thumbprints with a bit of paint.

32.Double doodling :Double doodle art is fun, relaxing, and a great way to exercise the brain as it uses both sides of the brain simultaneously.

33.Henna scratch art :Isn't it magical to see coloured pictures coming out while drawing on a black surface...that is what happens in scratch art.

34.Crayon transfer drawing :Use your crayons to make a pattern on a piece of paper. The key here is to press hard to get a thick layer of waxy color down on the paper.

35.Popsicle sticks tracing:Trace the overlapping craft sticks and fill with the colours as you wish.

36.Leaf doodling : Fun doodling on the fallen leaves

37.Turn letters into drawing: fun way to reinforce letters.

38.Doodle art :Doodling has been around since people could pick up a pencil and draw.

39.Draw challenge cards :When your kids are saying they don’t know what to draw, whip out your pile of drawing challenge cards and tell them to ‘pick a card’!

40.See through drawing :Get creative with a whole bunch of clear plastic packaging.

41.Make a face :It’s great for an ‘all about me’ theme, for making self portraits, or just for fun

42.Hand shadow drawing :Fun and simple way to teach kids about light and the basics of how light works.

43.Turn numbers into drawing :Make learning numbers a fun process.

44.Drawing with shape :Use basic geometric and organic shapes to create your artwork.

45.Tracing with tracing paper :Tracing pictures is a popular technique that helps you to achieve your exact vision through a template.

46. Stick figure drawing :Fun way to draw human figures.

47.Drawing emojis :If you are also one who love emojis and want to learn different type of emojis then you are at correct place.

48.Tracing body :This body tracing activity is a fun opportunity for kids to work BIG. Explore creating self portraits in a totally new way.

49.3D letters :Draw cool letters with typography.

50.Easy step by step drawing:Step by step drawing makes the leisure so cool.

51.Draw while reading book:Reading time and drawing time go hand in hand wonderfully.

52.Complete the leaves :Great for practicing observational drawing skills and learning first hand about nature, the structure of leaves and symmetry.

53.Colour by numbers:Learn numbers and colours with this fun puzzle.

54.Drawing with yarn :Inspired by the story, Harold and the Purple Crayon, a little boy uses his purple crayon to draw all kinds of adventures.

55.Road trip drawing :Planning a family trip? Or maybe you have kids who love cars? These road trip drawing prompts are perfect for both.

56.Sharpie shoe designing :It's time to become a shoe designer,let’s get to drawing on our shoes with markers.

57.Sticker drawing: Have kids select a sheet of stickers, place them randomly across a blank sheet of paper, and draw to complete the scene.

58.Doodling :Kids simply draw some lines with a marker on paper and then fill in the blank spaces with colours.

59.Abstract shadow drawing :Play around and overlap different shapes, using different colored markers for each tracing.

60.Grid drawing :Copy the picture using grid lines.

Older kids start writing and have a good hand grip and they have tons of drawing options.

61.Surprise folded creatures :This craft idea is great for all ages, easy enough for preschoolers to handle and fun enough for older kids too.

62.Observational drawing :Observational drawing is drawing what you see. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

63.Mandala art :We recycled transparent plastic bowl lids to create a symmetry match or layered mandala puzzle.

64.Object tracing :One of the best things about this activity is that it’s easy to set up and easy to clean up.

65.Craft sticks people :All you really need to make your own craft stick people are craft sticks, and markers. That’s it.

66.Zentangles :An easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

67.Drawing with geometry tools :Drawing and exploring with geometry tools – a ruler, a protractor, a compass, and a ‘curve’.

68.One Point Perspective Shape Drawing :Be sure you have a ruler on hand—the trick to achieving a one-point perspective illusion is perfectly straight lines.

69.Create a self-portrait: Each of our faces will vary in shape and proportion because we are all unique individuals and so is the fun of this project.

70.Household object drawing :All you do is plunk the household item onto your paper and use it as a starting point for your drawing.

71.Illusion art:To help kid drawers begin to understand how to create three-dimensional art, teach them this simple optical illusion technique

72.Fingerprint lines hand drawing:Hand drawing is best done with a finer point drawing pen,the effect is visually more textural and interesting than if you were to use a fat pen.

73. Double Cursive tangling so you can see if the kids have been practicing their cursive writing.

74. Life cycle drawing :Best technique to reinforce learning.

75.Banner drawing:Kids can add fancy titles to their drawings when they learn how to draw a banner.

76.Nature drawing :nature drawing is always a relaxing art.

77.Recipe drawing:A great way to nurture future chefs.

78.Character drawing :easy drawing of favourite cartoon characters.

79.Floating paper drawing :Some drawings can just hold themselves in paper.

80.3D lined paper drawing :It's magic to see a few lines creating 3D effect on plain paper.

81.Thumb print self portrait:Print out kids thumb print and let kids start writing the story of their life.

82.Name doodle : Leave all your letters white, filling in each background space with a unique design. 

83.Turn words into drawings :See the magic of words coming to life through drawings.

84.Grid line drawings :Two straight lines across the paper and two lines down...design as you wish.

85.Micrography :Trace all major outlines of the face. Include neck, shoulders, eye brows, hair lines. Fill in with words. The actual lines are just written on with words.

86.Handprint animals :Convert the hand print into cute animals.

87.Looking up the cityscapes :how to draw overhead perspective is the highlight.

88.Drawing with eye stickers :Place a number of eye stickers on a sheet of paper in any configuration desired and complete the picture.

89.Lego sculpture drawing :kids sketch out the blocks and shapes with markers, recreating the sculpture in 2D form.

90.A Back-and-Forth Drawing Game :A drawing game for kids or kids and adults that allows each person to build off of the previous persons drawings. This back-and-forth drawing game is fun.

91.Drawing on rocks :Spice up our summer with drawing on rocks.

Math art is a favourite boredom buster here.Here are a few of our favourite ones.

92.Spiral art : Bring out the creativity with a spiral art kit or a proper spirograph kit.

93.Spirolateral math art :Spirolaterals are spiraled, structured designs based on a repeated series of commands using length and angle.

94.Pi skyline art :Keep it simple by making a simple graph.

95.Rotational symmetry art :The results of experimenting with rotational symmetry combines creativity and exactness

96.Parabolic curves :A single parabolic curve, while cool, is just the beginning. Encourage your kids to create boxes, triangles, and interlocking shapes as a basis to create elaborate math art designs.

97.Tessalation :These heart tessellations make a relaxing art project, especially for kids who like patterning, and repetitive doodling.

98.Fibonacci spiral :processed based exploration based on a specific proportion.

99.Circle art :Draw circles overlapping the other one you already drew and continue drawing them until you have a large amount. The overlapping sections of the circles turn into four-petaled flowers.

100.Frank stella protractor art :Make some beautiful designs using nothing more than a protractor, ruler and pencil.

It's being a long time I was planning for this post and finally it's here.Thank you @Madeleine for the inspiration and @Henkjan de Krijger for this wonderful hashtag.


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