15 million people

Fluitsma and van Tijn released the number 15 million people in 1996. Originally it was intended as a commercial for the Postbank but it became a kneiter of a number one hit. Probably because it formulated that typical Dutch mentality so well.

Much later, in March 2020, Davine Michelle released a new version with the title of 17 million people. To honor the aid workers who had to work hard during the first Corona wave. This song also reached the Top 40 song, which was the shortest number 1 song ever in the Top 40 with one minute and 47 seconds!

Which version do you like the most beautiful?

Land of a thousand opinions The land of sobriety

All of us on the beach Rusk at breakfast

The country where no one lets go

Unless we win

Then acutely breaks the passion

Then no man stays inside

The country averse to patronizing

No uniform is sacred

A son who calls his father Piet

A bike is nowhere safe

15 Million People

On that very little piece of earth

You don't prescribe the laws that leave you in their value

15 million people on that tiny piece of earth

They shouldn't be in the straitjacket

Which leaves you in their value

The country full of groups of protest No chief who really is the boss

Curtains always open Lunch a cheese sandwich is

The land full of tolerance

Just not for the neighbor

The big question that always remains Where does he pay his rent of

The land that takes care of everyone

No dog who knows about a gutter

With nasiballs in the wall and no one eats dry bread

Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Jochem Fluitsma/Frank Pels/Eric Tijn Van

The original from 1996 (15 million people):


The Corona version from 2020 (17 million people):
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