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The outsiders essay, an axciting assignment

Assignments to write the outsider's essay should be exciting for high school students as it is their own story. The Outsider is a great novel written by a teenager. S.E. Hinton started writing the book when she was 15, and the book was published in 1967 when she was 18. The story was set in the 1960s and based on the rivalry between two gangs of teenage boys from a small town in Oklahoma. While the many other comings of age novels of the time were narratives of immature romance, Hinton’s book faced the real-life problems of the growing up, teenagers. The book was controversial and immensely popular selling more than four million copies to date. 

The story about Growing up or Class Conflict? Though the book is classified as a coming of age novel, the story examines the problems of growing up young adults, especially the conflict between rich and the poor, gangs as families and the problems like drinking, smoking, and drugs. The contents in the book are more suited for discussion in sociology essays. The story is woven around the two rival gangs of teenage boys, Greasers, and Socs. Greases are from poor families while the Socs are the rich boys. The story is narrated by Ponyboy, the youngest member of the Greasers and the youngest of the four Curtis brothers who are orphans. Characters in the Story Marianne Butler, a learning specialist at says that students planning to write a character analysis essay or a comparison essay comparing two characters from the story will have to study how the author has developed individual characters and their relationships with other characters. The main characters in the story are members of two gangs. Prominent greasers are Ponyboy, Darrel, and Johnny Cade. The prominent Socs in the story is Randy, Bob, Cherry, and Marcia. Apart from that two school teachers Jerry Wood and Mr. Syme also are characters that have minor roles. Students may opt for writing character analysis essays for outsider's essay assignments by analyzing these characters in-depth. Main Themes in the Story Another popular type of essay for the assignment on books is exploring the themes, symbols, and motifs used by the author. In The Outsiders, the author has used the gap between the rich and poor as the main theme in the book. The conflict between the two gangs is not a random event, but it was happening quite often in many places. Hinton has seen it in real life and used it as the main theme of the book. Another theme is the gang as a family. This theme flows from start to end. The boys consider their gangs as their families. The students can get an essay example for an essay written on the themes, symbols, and motifs from an essay writing service. Get Some Help with Writing Your Essay Writing about literature is very difficult for some students. Sometimes they need extra help to learn and complete their literature essays. When they get essay assignments to write essays on books like the outsiders essay they can get help from an essay writing company, you can buy pre written essay. The essay help from essay writing companies includes sample essays, custom essays, and essay editing. #assignment

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