My boss is a bad human! What do I do

It's Monday morning and you are running a few minutes late to the weekly business/sales meeting. You walk in right as the meeting begins, and your boss glares at you sharply. You know what's about to happen because he/she is a typical "Type A" individual and has no remorse for anyone who is late. Immediately he/she tells you to wait outside and says you are excluded from all bonuses that you may have earned from the previous week. You are already overworked and exhausted from working 60 hours a week. You feel underpaid, under-appreciated, and at times, even over-qualified for the job you perform. However, you are not the only one the "boss" treats this way. Basically, he/she has his days, but the majority of the time he/she is a major jerk. Other employees whisper behind his/her back, tell jokes of how they wish he/she would keel over at his desk eating a doughnut, or even make an effort to get under his/her skin purposely for some strange form of entertainment, In case you need your paper to be written in a 1 our you should visit I can relate to this frustration and have dealt with a similar issue in my life. My boss used to yell at all of the employees (literally), throw stuff at them (whatever he could grab), and take away sales bonuses just because he was in a bad mood. I personally was fired and re-hired over 6 times if that tells you anything. Not to mention the turnover rate of the other former employees (a major employee discrimination lawsuit closed the doors). That tells you the scope of what I was dealing with, so I completely understand how bad it could be where you work and why you are on the verge of snapping. But don't! The best advice I could give anyone is to stick with it and tough it out as long as you can until a better opportunity presents itself. Many times I see someone get so frustrated at their boss that they pitch a fit and quit in an act of emotion/rage. By the time they get home, the adrenaline from the ego boost wears off, and the remorse kicks in. Now unemployed, the stress is ten-fold what it was dealing with a jerk of a boss for a paycheck. Bob Hayes, an HR who cooperates with  states that sending out resume after resume and attending numerous interviews is definitely less enjoyable than realizing that some people are just difficult and you should just let it roll off your shoulders until you find something else. Tips for getting rid of your boss: 1. Generally, the best way to get your boss out of your life is to get your life away from your boss. Don't be late to work or make excuses as to why you were late, dress appropriately every day, perform at your best, and stay out of the gossip. Go to work to work, not to make friends. Your "life" should be separate from your job, and keeping this in mind can have many positive effects that you won't realize until you try. Your boss will appreciate you more and stay in your caseless. This is a simple concept and usually, the only thing that gets in the way of this strategy is pride. Lose it! You are here to make money, not make friends. 2. Even though your boss may be an arrogant, self-centered moron, you should still ignore that opinion and approach him/her daily with advice or questions about how things should be done instead of attempting something on your own that you are not sure of. The reason for this is all about their personality (arrogance) and your boss will swell up with purpose, believe it or not, and will warm up to you. This makes your boss think that you look up to them, even though you might think he is a complete waste of matter. 3. The last option is to discreetly look for a better opportunity. Start preparing resumes, searching for jobs, and networking with colleagues to build a personal brand in the community. Getting your name out there is just the same as selling a product. You have to market yourself to get noticed. While there are many career tools out there such as essay writing service, online job boards, and social network sites, it is just as important to be able to sell yourself. In summary, I'm sure you get my point. Work hard to perform at your best and eventually your boss should get off your back. Otherwise, work hard while you are there and keep the job until you find something better. Whatever you do, don't let your boss run you off before you find something better - or he/she wins! #work