2 weeks holiday start your 2020

Good day people,

I have from Friday 3-7-2020 to 19-7-2020 vacation.

I wanted to go to Giessenburg first. It is located in the corner of Gelderland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant.
This then for a little week. There lies also the Christian church Jesus rescues with political party Jesus Lives.
I wanted to pay them a visit. I wanted to find a Christian campsite, hotel or other Christian holiday park and spend the night there.
They have Saturday morning and Tuesday evening services. Seemed nice. But I would also like to talk to them about politics. I vote for Jesus Lives and take some action for it.
I had to consult with them. But with all that rotten corona so covid-19 misery, I'm not doing it.
But I don't want to do nothing. I've got enough to entertain myself. chores, web design, going out, volunteer work, visit, video editing, audio conversion and much more like yoors.
I want to make me a list of tasks and to do before the holiday. This is convenient, because otherwise the attention to it will decrease in the course of the two weeks. This is a support list.

Sincerely your web designer and webmaster Marko Zwier See also www.aandezwier.info