#southafrica The South African National Team was among the 32 teams participating in the 2010 Football World Cup held in that country. Which because he was the host of the World Cup, it was up to go directly and also had the responsibility to be as leader in group A.

In that same group were the national teams of Mexico, France and Uruguay. Although it was the host country, the South African national team was not a favorite to qualify for the round of 16, although in all the previous world cups the host country team had advanced to at least 16 finals.

He was about to qualify as second in the group, tied the match he played against Mexico and surprisingly beat France (who was one of the most controversial teams in that world cup, after reaching the 2006 final, would go in the 2010 group stage) but the number of goals did not allow him to advance as he was tied in the second place with Mexico, but being adverse for South Africans the goal difference with -2.

They were so close to qualifying for the 8th finals but could not and thus ended their participation in the 2010 World Cup, who would end up winning Spain.