2021 will be a top year

Life has become different and sometimes it is so difficult. I live in Aruba but want to go back to the Netherlands. Last year was really a year with a lot of problems. Not only because of the Corona but my marriage is over. Our marriage was already bad due to abuse of power by my future ex-husband. He never wanted to pay my papers here.. He spent a lot of money on drugs but he never wanted to pay me a work permit. He put me out on the street with no money without a passport. Through the help of others I got my stuff and passport back. His brother gave me shelter and got me a little bit of strength. It seemed like I was coming out of a war, skinny and sad. The man I married made me bad after that, and I wasn't worth nothing.. An abuser while I did everything for him and was always there for him. Here in Aruba, I don't seem to have any rights. With the help of the food bank, I can eat and my brother-in-law who sits through the corona without work helps me with everything. Life can go weird sometimes I thought I'd get help for a benefit but I have to be divorced for five years to be entitled to it. I can't even pay for the divorce. On an inhabited island I seem stranded. Still, I have a lot of hope that it will be okay again.. 2021 may not be an easy year, but it will be fine.