10 Things Men Love in their Women More Than Good Looks

Great relationships offer starts with a mutual attraction. Many relationships fail to last due to a lack of compatibility. There are things that men try to look out for when they want to settle for a committed relationship. Below are the ten traits they look up for from a woman.    

1. Sense of Adventure

Men love women who are full of life and who live to the fullest. This also includes the willingness to under-take some new things and those that are always to take risks. An adventurous woman, be it going for hikes, skydiving, or kayaking, still beats a girlfriend whose work is to sit around. This is regardless of how pretty she might be looking.

2. A Compromiser
Disagreement is at the center of every relationship. However, a stubborn woman and that woman with 'My way' thinking only leads to misery.  As such, men are often ready to appreciate women that are usually ready to negotiate and looking forward to a solution that will instead be okay with both you. This scenario happens most in hobbies where the guy wants to do football instead of taking her to some musical class. This happens most in essential matters, like when raising kids together.

3. Confidence
A guy appreciates his woman more if she can command confidence in her. A woman that understands how much her worth is. It's a turn off for a man if a lady even when she’s beautiful, she can’t accept such a compliment. She’s is not proud of herself. This will make this man go looking for a confident lady.

4.  Trust
In relationships, you can’t keep watching over your partner for over twenty plus years. Constant calls to your boyfriend checking about his whereabouts or even dictating to him what kind of friends he’s supposed to keep will be a turn off to him. It creates tension between the two of you. Hence, the feeling of jealously and the paranoid will end up badly, and the man opts to go to a woman who can trust him fully.

5. Sense of Humor
A lady can be gorgeous, but fail to win the heart of man since she does not have a way to his heart. Having a sense of humor can work magic for you. It can easily do away with stress and tensions. It allows couples to bond well. An occasional sneaky or witty joke, a light-hearted prank, will add a scorecard for a lady.

6. Willingness to accept his weaknesses
One of the basic to a good and healthy relationship is bearing the fact that your partner is never perfect and will never be.  Hence, men always prefer women who are not critical. If a girl can love her guy as he is, there is more likelihood of that relationship lasting longer.

7. A Drama-free person
Some days might be useful while others bad. However, it is not necessary to explode towards any little problem that arises, leading to a serious conflict. Those women contain themselves and don't make mountains out of the hill always

8. Warmth
The fact that you are hot doesn't mean you are warm. Men still love kind, hearted women. It doesn't only apply to the connection but even when the lady meets with his friends and family. Having stability in your relationship will need being able to have a warm heart towards those who mean a million to him

9. Creativity
When in a relationship, it is more rewarding if the parties involved are more free-spirited and have an artistic mind. It helps keep their union interesting and hence creating a means of purpose. For example, if a woman can write or do a painting of her man, she can easily win him.

10. Comfortable Making Decisions
A girlfriend who cannot make her own choices is more frustrating. Be it not angle to decide on a simple restraint menu. It gets worse if she happens not even to trust the decision her man makes. Most men love dating women who know what exactly they want.
As a woman, you have to ensure that apart from good looks, you also pose other traits that will attract responsible men as well. Be a lady with beauty and brain. Remember, small things matter.

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