30 Minutes

A single day is enough to start anything.

That blog about which you've been dreaming.

That novel you've always desired to write.

That course that you wanted to learn.

That is all you need to get started.

30 minutes each day is truly all you need to get started.

Do not leave your job to start your side project. Maintain it for as long as possible. Until you are ready to quit.

Rather than that, attempt to squeeze out 30 minutes each day.

And then add one minute each day.

For the rest of your life.

Until you reach a point when you are only doing what you like.

Things that are important to you.

You can not go from 0 to 100 in a single day.

To begin, you move from 0 to 1.

Following that, from 1 to 2.

Until, maybe, you reach 100.

Want to start freelancing? Or making money online?

You can start here.

How to Make Money as a Freelancer on Fiverr

30 minutes is enough, use it wisely.

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