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Overview of the events day 29

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Day 29 (January 28, 2020) - Germany infected

The first confirmed case of the virus in Germany is a fact. This infection is also the first infection outside of China where the virus has been transmitted to someone other than a family member. The German was in close contact with a visiting Chinese colleague (whose virus was diagnosed on return to China). On the same day, three German colleagues appeared to be infected. 

Thailand confirms six more cases, bringing the total infected there to 14. This makes Thailand the second most contaminated country after China. Thailand is starting to scan all travelers from China with immediate effect, although the Thai health minister says "we cannot stop the spread of the corona virus in the country." 

In Australia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has succeeded in replicating the virus in the lab. Australia is the first country outside of China to succeed. Researchers believe that this will accelerate the development of a vaccine.


How much more proof is the numbers wrong?

A British-Chinese medical examination reports it estimates that the actual number of infected cases could be much higher than the ones reported, with an estimated 26,701 cases (as of January 28, 2020). " 

A virus that is dormant and (certainly in the first few weeks) had a transferability of well over 3 (one infected person infects 3 healthy persons), because people were not yet aware. Picture this  in a million city like Wuhan keeping in mind that in Germany one Chinese visitor infected at least four Germans.


The number of infections doubles almost every 24 hours

The official infection figures double almost every 24 hours. A quick calculation using 48 hours to double the infections shows the following. From patient 0, it will then take 14 days to reach  20,000 infections. The virus only becomes visible after 10-14 days, which means that the first cases may become visible on day 10 (there were probably already 729 infections at that time). Four days later when a pattern becomes emerges there are already 20,000 cases of infection).

The first case of the Wuhan virus was detected in early December. Meaning that on December 31, when China informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about the outbreak, more than 20,000 infections could have occurred. Until January 17 China confirmed that all cases occurred in Wuhan, even though Japan and Thailand confirmed cases outside of China.

More and more comments are being made via the social media about the unbelievability of the data. China is trying hard to hide the actual figures. Hong Kong correspondents were detained for more than an hour when they interviewed people at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan on January 14. The police forced the journalists to remove the hospital admissions.


20,000 infection in 7 steps, less than 14 days

Wuhan and Hubei did not take the outbreak seriously

On January 19, four days before the closure of the city, a "Wanjiayan" (banquet of tens of thousands of families) was held in Wuhan. With more than 40,000 families at the banquet tables. The mayor of Wuhan, defended this banquet held annually by saying it was "an example of the people's autonomy". According to the mayor, the decision to let the banquet take place was based on the fact that the scientists falsely believed that the virus's ability to spread from person to person was limited.

The next day the Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Department gave 200,000 tickets for free visits to all of Wuhan's tourist attractions to its citizens. This while China itself warned on December 31 of a possible epidemic (which was probably already in full swing at the time).


If this continues against official numbers 10 million infected people in 16 days (Keep in mind that the risk that the official numbers are incorrect is 99,99%)

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