Kids and tattoos should be able to do, right?

Of course, the telegraph headlines with “Bizarre 9-year-old boy gets tattoo.”

What do you mean bizarre, that really depends on the glasses you wear. Yes about thirty years ago in the woolly Netherlands of Lubbers I can imagine that this was found bizarre.

But recent generations have generalized the tattoo in such a way that nowadays it is difficult to find a body that is not decorated with a star or butterfly.

As a child, when I see my parents, uncles and aunts all walking around inked and I have to do with sheets of colored sticky plates that wrinkle and disappear, I would ask myself, as a 9-year-old, “Why do they and I don't?” And there the Calimero get an answer to it. They're big and you're 9.

Of course, I can also come up with 1001 and reasons why this is not okay and nothing as capricious as a child. On the other hand, parents now give their children everything they ask? When a child gets a Nintendo at the age of 8, it is not so easy to think about how many young people suffer from game addiction.

What's wrong with experimenting

Young children imitate their surroundings think of secretly smoking because they see their parents do that. It is not difficult to find a place together with a boyfriend where you can pafp together unseen.

For tattoos, of course, this is a little different.

By the way, not quite true, how many of you know or have experimented yourself with a compass and ink.

When it comes to smoking and drinking, I still come from that time when you were allowed to buy cigarettes without a passport and a few cans of beer for “your father” did not directly lead to legitimization. Meanwhile I have smoked for years and have stopped for years and I drink a beer every now and then. Like many of the” Do But “generation I myself have been able to decide what was right and what was not. While the current generation of 13-18 years old invented the phenomenon of coma drinking, because now drinking should be done secretly. Which makes it more exciting and creates excesses. Also as soon as suddenly it is allowed.

The Age of Patronizing

Welcome to the age of patronizing in which we continue in Gender mug and new prudedness.

Well iI hate patronizing especially by the government whether it's about inoculation, the whole circus around the consultation office or, as in this, prohibiting tattoos in children under 12 years of age.

Would I stand behind my 10-year-old son if he wanted a tattoo?
Hmm... If this is a long-cherished wish, something he really wants and is also aware, as far as a 10-year-old child can be, of the consequencesYES.

Whether you're 8, 9, 10 or 13, you're young. You have no idea what awaits you in life and the impact of your choices on the rest of your life. But isn't that exactly the same for many so-called adults? Or the 12-16-year-old who, according to the law, can get a tattoo if Mom and Dad like it. I think children under 12 make a purest choice than the 12-16 year old who are already much more affected by their hormones, want to oppose their parents and are exposed to peer pressure on a daily basis.

It is logical that children identify themselves with what they get in and from their immediate surroundings. Personally, I see more damage in the use of mobile phones than in a tattoo.

And how many parents do not finally give in and let their son or daughter play with their phone in order to have some peace of mind?

My opinion even though it is not asked for

So I say, “Yes, a child under 12 can get a tattoo.” In addition, I would like to make the following comment that this tattoo complies with the same rules as a tattoo for a 12-16 year old.

I would also like to say that I count on both the parents and the tattoo artist to guide the child correctly. For example, that you do an intake first, come and see, discuss what your child wants and why and have the actual tattoo only 6 months later.

Despite my dislike for patronizing, there must be a limit. An age at which you can assume that the child's own will is not yet sufficiently developed, personally I think of 5/6 years.

Once again, not that it should be banned, because if a child, parent and tattoo artist all three are behind the plan, who am I to say it should not be possible?

A tattoo is a very personal thing, and such a choice can be made only by the child and parents together

It is a choice that depends on so many things, for example the vision of life and the background of parents and the child, that, in my opinion, as a government, you can only inform and not regulate.

That is my opinion and you can do it with that!

Age limit for tattooing and piercing {source}

  • It is forbidden to apply a tattoo or piercing to children under 12 years of age. A piercing in the earlobe is allowed.
  • Young people aged 12 to 16 years are allowed to get a tattoo only with the permission of the parents (or guardian). The parents should be present when the tattoo or piercing is put.
  • Young people aged 12 to 16 years are not allowed to tattoo on the head, neck, wrists or hands. They should also not have genital piercing. In girls, nipple piercing is prohibited.
  • Young people aged 16 years and older can decide for themselves whether to have a tattoo or piercing.

Post Scriptum

I haven't had tattoos myself since I was 12, I've been involved in an internal taste struggle whether I like a body with or without better.