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Overview of the events day 30

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Day 30 (January 29, 2020) - Finland also infected

The first coronavirus infection has been reported in Finland. The Finnish Institute for Public Health reported that the virus was diagnosed by a tourist who had traveled from China to Finland.

Tibet also reports its first possible infection and that means that the last uninfected province in China now also has gotten contaminated. The highest public health warning  (level 1) now applies to the entire Chinese mainland and all 31 provincial departments.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirms its first case. It appears that four people from a Chinese family are infected.

EU Commissioner Janez Lenarčič (Crisis Management) mentioned that approximately six hundred EU citizens from fourteen member states have indicated that they want to leave the Chinese city of Wuhan and the surrounding area.

In addition to Mongolia, Kazakhstan has also stopped all traffic to and from neighboring China. Trains, buses and planes are no longer allowed to cross the border. The government also said that the Chinese are temporarily no longer getting visas.


In France there is now a movement against the prejudices against the Chinese under the name 

Je suis Chinois, Mais je ne suis pas un virus! ! (I am Chinese but not a Virus)

The movement understand fear, but fear should not feed prejudices. #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus

Regarding prejudice and feeding, there are still reports that the Wuhan virus is said to have come from eating fried snake, monkey brain or bat soup. This is almost impossible, you can safely eat this delicacy, as long as you ensure that they have been cooked or fried for at least a minute.


When I say coverup I also mean coverup

The Wuhan corona virus proves once again that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its media do not tell the whole story.  

Social media users in Wuhan, in particular doctors and nurses, previously shared their experiences and posted videos on social media to inform everyone of the real situation. The Chinese authorities rightly find such images shameful as their actions left much to be desired.

 Xinhua News, the main newspaper of the Chinese regime, published an announcement on January 25 with new regulations and penalties for "those who spread rumors about the new form of pneumonia" on China's popular WeChat.

"A variety of unsubstantiated responses posted on the internet are constantly triggering public panic. All those who spread fake news and thereby disrupt social order may receive three years in prison, detention or disciplinary action." Those who have caused serious consequences receive three to seven year prison sentences. "   

The Chinese government is also said to have set up an agency to refute and remove rumors on WeChat. Accounts of users who spread rumors are  getting suspended. 


A leaked document from the Cyberspace Administration of China makes it clear that from January 26 it is forbidden for all social media groups to publish news about Wuhan pneumonia (precisely the word virus is not used) that does not come from official sources. The police will intervene if unconfirmed news is nevertheless spread.

Freelance writer Jiang Lijun informed Twitter the same day that his WeChat account was permanently closed. He had asked senior officials from Wuhan City and Hubei Province to apologize for their actions and resign. He had also posted several articles about the Wuhan virus.

I personally notice that fewer images from Wuhan appear online, while images from surrounding areas increase. New images of local medical staff providing a picture of the current situation in hospitals are almost impossible to find. I also regularly come across images where I suspect a strong propagandist aftertaste.  

In addition it remains difficult to distinguish fake from real, for example, more and more videos are coming out of houses that are being boarded up, where it is reported that the infected residents are still in the house. It is very hard to believe that that is truly happening......

The statement below is certainly real, but after everything I have seen and read, it is another proof that politics and reality never go hand in hand in these kind of situations. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said about Chinese President Xi Jinping that he has detailed knowledge about the outbreak and is personally involved in the fight. "That is real leadership," he said, while the oppressed Chinese people blame their leaders for lack of knowledge and timely action.

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