365 songs: Breek de stilte (Stef Bos & Bob Savenberg, 1991)

Ik heb me voorgenomen in 2017 elke dag minstens een (passend) liedje te posten. Zo hoop ik aan het einde van dit jaar een mooie afspeellijst te hebben van minimaal 365 liedjes.

Nummer 247... ‘Breek de stilte', van Stef Bos en Bob Savenberg (Clouseau). Bob schreef dit liedje samen met Stef op verzoek van Bobs zus Mieke, om met deze plaat haar autistische kind en de duizenden andere kinderen in Vlaanderen en Nederland te helpen. De opbrengst van deze plaat ging integraal naar de Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme en de Nederlandse Vereniging Autisme. Bob Savenberg richtte in 1984 de popgroep Clouseau op. Hij verliet de band in 1996.

Bron: YouTube/VivaVlaanderen/Wikipedia
Foto: Freepik.com


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Baby album of... fruit!
We all know the blossoms of fruit trees. We all know the fruit we eat. But what's in between ? So baby fruit.... Let's take a look at the fruit #vandeanedededge . What strikes me most of all is that fruit at an initial stage often seems to grow up on the stem. You can also see the remnants of the blossoms in both images. On the left you can see even several stages of the development of the fruit. These are plums. When I look at my plum trees, it's gonna be a fantastic plum year ! This hairy baby looks like a kiwi. But none of that is right . It's a.... ordinary apple ! At an initial stage, these apples are hairy. Later it becomes a ruddy, tasty, edible apple. These fruits, which are still swelling under the remnants of their blossom, become juicy, red-green pears. The fruits below are from another pear species, the well-known Conference. The balls you see below will be delicious, red cherries in a few months ! On the left picture you can see how the left side is fertilized. There a ball forms. The right side is unfertilized. That's where the fruit principle is going to die. This blog is part of the challenge of @Mevrouw Dot... that challenges us to perceive things from a different side. All photos are of course the property of Enigma. They were all taken in my own garden. May 2021. #fromtheotherside #photography #fruit #garden #nature #naturephotography Previous blog: The Portuguese laurel cherries: a real insect blocker ! -