369 Mind Spirit, the Ego

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Raised in thinking, learned how to live, adopted truths of others.

What is it of yourself? - Nothing. - No.

Thinking tells you what you want to hear, what you want to learn, what you want to achieve, where you want to go, you think you choose, but ego is always one step ahead of you. The ego has already chosen before you choose, it's moving so fast that you think you're choosing.

It's the illusion of words, images that want to and I will feed and the ego will handle all of this, make you think you're making this all up for yourself.

Your brain is the storehouse of the ego, where he keeps all your accepted and learned truths and brings them forward at any time you think you need something.

I still find a beautiful experience of my own that of a meditation that I experienced when I had just started this. Several had an Angels experience and told that they had met an Angel during meditation. That's what I wanted so every meditation I had the desire and the expectation but no meeting with an Angel. I realized then I can't force this, so I didn't pay attention but to it. Weeks later I had a meeting during a meditation, it happened in which it was made clear to me to rely more on myself and that you could not summon Angels. I was shown a vb of a picture of an Angel, look so it works, the ego hears your wish and shows you a picture, an image you have ever seen in the past, that is the Angel being shown.

It was told that you can never ask an Angel and a guide for anything, they give you even before you ask, they give only what you need and nothing for another.

To my question of why people do ask for others and for themselves the answer was, no self-confidence and uncertainty, here comes the ego and it fulfills all your wishes. So these people think they do it themselves, that they can do it, have a gift, everything that comes from there, and that's 95% of all actions work temporarily, and others have problems for idp. Man can do it himself by listening to himself but there too the ego is ready to intervene, also the ego strengthens your confidence, your certainty by giving your success to others.

And if there is success, it is always because the person himself has started to change those things that were necessary to move on again. But this success caresses the ego and turns man into a person who is going to live an exalted life based on the compliments of others, the many followers they then bind to themselves.

The ego so strong, so powerful that it manipulates many people without them noticing it. Those who work with the light, work with Angels and the many other currents in it, these people have never wondered where everything comes from. They believe very strongly that they are doing well, they do not realize that they live on the planet Earth, in the duality that traps us. The problem is that they stay stuck in this and don't leave it behind, it's been trapped out of fear.

The ego is the shadow side of man, just as the earth has a shadow side and if realizes who is the leader there and why this is happening. This side is meant to go through it so that you can become your true self and not linger in so-called gifts.

The true light does not need anything, it is pure and pure, it is already present in you and man only has to admit it. And no, not through the heart, that is a learned thing, a symbol, like all symbols, rituals, initiations and the many other acts and rules, which is only used by the shadow side of life.

The dark needs everything, uses everything to seduce man to step into it and go through it in order to recognize himself again as the light being that it is.

The ego is so unknown and is completely misjudged and put down by man, whereas by thought man has become his ego himself. A man who lives for the body and the matter around man.

R v Meerten