Our Holy #Mother #Earth.

She gave us life, gave us birth. We haven't treated her well. That's what all of us can tell.

We loved her not.
In the way we should.
We Took her for #granted .
Taking as much as we could.

She our Beloved #Mother .
Gave us .. fine Pure air. 
And we where there.
We Greed and gain.
We took and took and didn't  listen.

We filled Her air,
With Poison and smoke.
#Nature suffers as we watched. We only Took, we didn't do much.

The #animals live in
so much grief. As if they had no emotions. Did you really belief?

But now I'ts done. They spread their #Frequency .
Now their patience is gone.

IT is enough,
Says our #Saint Mother
After all these years

She makes us feel ...
And maybe she'll
give us the chance to #heal !

You have not listened
You've got to face the facts. You can't just bury your head in the sand.

Hopefully now you will understand!

Don't run me out ... She screams. I'm begging you please .. it hurts soooo much.

The pain kills me, and so it will ... In the end kill you.

You know that's the only sad #truth .

Give me your warmth
and all of your #love
Give me your #heart
And the light from above

Dance and sing all of you.
Feel your body on this #Earth

Sprinkle your good actions and #intentions .
So then we all can start a
#rebirth .

Let's share and heal together
Let us find #togetherness
Peace ...and A lot of love and #Tenderness

So that we all live
In the truth of the #light

Let us #laugh , dance, sing, pray and let us also sometimes enjoy being #quiet .

With #gratitude 🙏