Mosquitoes are flying insects found in most part of the globe. Not more than 3,500 types exist around the world.

Not all the species of mosquitoes bite, the common feeling of mosquitoes bite is itching and swelling due to allergic reaction to its saliva.

The mosquitoes that transmit pathogens when they bite people are known as vectors.  
Vectors are disease carrying organisms that transmit germs/illnesses when they bite.
Examples of vector borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
1. Zika virus
2. Malaria
3. Dengue fever
4. West Nile Virus

Have you once slapped your ear because of the buzzing sound of mosquitoes?
Well, I have.
But do you feel mosquitoes like you more than other persons?
Or could be that your blood sweetens mosquito very well?

There are reasons why mosquitoes seem to bite you more than any other person.
It's normal to get bitten by mosquitoes.
Nevertheless, being excessively bitten by mosquito can make you feel abnormal.  

Research  showed that 20% of people are frequently bitten by mosquitoes more than others.
The predominant disease caused by mosquitoes raving almost all the part of the today is malaria.

This is transmitted by the bite of the female anopheles mosquitoes which sucks human blood. Unlike the male mosquitoes which depends on the nectar for survival.

5 Reasons mosquitoes bite you more than other people

1. What you are wearing
Findings have it that mosquitoes love darkness. After all they are nocturnal animals. Wearing black clothes means mosquitoes will easily be attracted to you.

2. Carbon dioxide
Research has it that the carbon dioxide excreted by man as a waste product play a great role at the rate at which mosquito bites you.

This waste is produced through breathing, which get doubled after exercise or carrying out strenuous activity. Mosquitoes sense a host once it perceives carbon dioxide.

3. Body odor
Does sweat drips from your skin uncontrollably? Do you bathe after the day's work?

Mosquitoes are attracted to your body's odor. The kind of odor being emitted from your body contributes to the ease with which mosquito bites you.

Different odorous compounds on the skin  appeal to mosquitoes, examples are ammonia and lactic acid. Body odor is associated to your hereditary traits.

If  mosquitoes bites you often  it could be because you have body odor. And some body odours are linked to genetics. There is little to no solution to this except the use of repellants.

And taking a warm or cool bath is a step towards avoiding mosquitoes bite.

4. Alcohol
Do you know mosquitoes enjoy alcohol too? Studies conducted on some participants showed that mosquitoes sucked the blood of participants that drank 12-ounce beer more than when before.

There is a link between the consumption of alcohol and mosquitoes bites.
Research showed that mosquitoes  feast on people who binge on alcohol  more than people who do not drink alcohol in excess.

5. Blood type
Mosquitoes bite people who have blood type O and A more than people that have type B blood. Great percentage of people produce secretion that tells mosquitoes the kind of blood they have.


5 Reasons mosquitoes bite you more than other people

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