6 Ways to Fill Yourself With Positivity

6 Ways to Fill Yourself With Positivity

"A positive mindset brings positive things."

~Phillip Reiter

Just like all other abstract terms, positivity is linked with regular practice. It's like a muscle that requires you to strengthen frequently.

All days are not the same. We all face some low phase in our lives where our brain stops working correctly, and as a result, we either start taking stress about everything or experience depression.

That time all the small or large things that come along our way feel like a mountain, and we forget that it's all starts and ends with our mind.

Therefore, to retrieve our natural form as a soul, we must practice positivity consistently. But, how? This is the biggest quest for us.

However, it's pretty simple to be super positive throughout the day.

And here are my six simple ways to break the negative state and create a happier version of yourself.

  • Positive Self-talk

The positivity starts with acting positively. When everything goes wrong around you, all you need is gentle self-talk. It's an affirmative talk where you tend to ask yourself what's going wrong with your mind and why you are not feeling good.

As you go deeper into yourself, you will better navigate your brain in the right direction. And don't forget to practice empathy with yourself. :)

  • Journaling

It's pretty obvious. Scribbling your thoughts on a paper also helps you eradicate negative thoughts and fill your mind with lots of motivation.

However, there's a twist. If you want, you can try a bullet journal and create beautiful or simple but track-able pages for each aspect of your life.

It's a powerful method to engage your anxious mind with something purposeful.

  • Thankfulness Practice

Want to be more peaceful and happier? Stop complaining about what you lack and start saying thank you for everything. You awake alive, say thank you for it. You're getting enough food and water, be thankful for it. Be grateful if you are all well with hands, legs, and other body parts. You have all the gadgets to fulfill your goals; remain thankful for it.

If you genuinely look around and see the world with different glass, you will find millions of reasons to be grateful and peaceful. Even if your problems aren't problems, they are your teachers to teach you a massive lesson in your life. Say thank you for that as well!

  • Prayer

Prayer is way more powerful than you ever imagined. From the perspective of a person who has seen the magic through manifestations, I'd say you get whatever you ask for.

I pray every day before I go to sleep. Plainly with a Sanskrit mantra. And sometimes manifest what I wanted to happen. This helps me stop thinking about the good or evils and close my day with peaceful sleep.

  • Consuming mind-refreshing or motivational content

The type of content we consume has an enormous impact on our motivation or positivity level. And to make your life more positive and attract more goodness, you need to finish the type of content that positively impacts your perspective.

Read, listen, or watch something you want to attract more to your life.

  • Kill the Boredom

The reason we started feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, or stressed is boredom. When we find more time to analyze every tiny to a huge thing, we begin creating voids in ourselves and others.

Moreover, when we overthink, we move into a negative phase. Thus, start any of your hobbies and engage yourself with some self-fulfilling tasks.

Besides these six things, you can add more positive habits to your life to surround yourself with more inspiration, health, happiness, peace, and abundance. Start your journey today, and don't feel disheartened if it feels challenging at first.


"Just for the record darling, not all positive changes feels positive at the beginning."

~S.C. Lourie

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