Relaxing music

Everyone need to relax sometimes. Relaxing music will help you experience a verry deep state of relaxtion and reduce your stress. It has also a positive effect on your sleeping habbits. Listening tot relaxing music before you go to bed, will help you sleep earlyer, longer and deeper. The music you prefeer is kind of personally, but this relaxing music will help you, believe me. Music is more than something that’s enjoyable to listen to. Music has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps our body relax. 

Benefits of listening to relaxing music

Relaxing music for sleeping

Sleeping troubles can have negative effect on your daily live. You feel tired and can enyoy live. Maybe you are going to make mistakes! Listening to relaxing music can be the outcome here. Listening to relaxing music before bedtime, will help you sleep earlyer, longer and deeper. After a night's sleep, you feel more equipped.

“When you listening to relaxing music before bedtime. You will forgot the stress of the day and your heart beats slower.”


The type of music that suits you is personal. But to relax optimally, relaxing music with a slow tempo of 60 to 80 beats per minute is the best. When your looking for songs with a slow rhythm, you’re likely will find these among classical, jazz or folk song.

Studies have shown that listening to relaxing music before bedtime has a positive effect on falling asleep, staying asleep and how we wake up the next day. Listening tot relaxing music during the night through a headphone is even better.

It helps us release our worries and those exhausting thoughts that often feed anxiety.

Relaxing music to reduce stress

If you look for relaxing music, you get thousands of possibilities. However, does listening to relaxing music work to relax? The answer to this is "Yes.” The song weightless is chosen as the most popular song to calm your body, mind and heart.

Music offers distraction and can change your emotion. This means that relaxing music can be used in meditation to lower the stress level. Music taste is personal, and you will have to try out what works for you. However, I want to tell you that even if you do not like classical music, try it out. You will not regret it.

When people are verry stressed, there is a tendency to avoid actively listening tot music. Perhaps it feels like a waste of time, not helping to achieve anything. But as we know, productivity will increase when stress is reduced. This is another benefit, where you can get a reward.

Relaxing music improves a patients recovery

An article in Psychology Today explains that listening to relaxing music reduce a person’s sensation pain and produces endorphins. It even strengthens our immune system. When a patient listen to relaxing music the recovery will be faster.

Relaxing music also has benefits during an operation, for both the patient and the surgeons. Music gives the surgeons energy during long operations, and ensures that their heart rate remains low. The concentration level of the surgeon listening to relaxing music remains stable. For the patient it also provides benefits, namely distraction.

Listening to relaxing music while we eat

This one may suprise you, but listening to relaxing music while we eat, can help us eat more conscious, balances and healthy. It helps to eat more slowly and recognize sooner when we’re full. 

Restaurants are also using relaxing music. This is partly because people stay longer and more relaxed. Because of this the costumer will stay longer and order more drinks.

Relaxing music for studying

Relaxing music ensures that we can concentrate better while studying. We store information better, and remember new information faster.

Try it out, for your next exam you listen to relax music while learning. You will notice the positive effect, and you will get a higher rating for your exam.

You’ll feel an inner calm, lower stress, and can focus more. Do you need more reasons tot start listening tot relaxing music, while studying? 

Relaxing music on YouTube

If you search for relaxing music on youtube, you will find thousands of results. It is trying out what works best for you. Below are a few favorites, where I like to listen to while i’m writing my blogs.

Positive effects of listening to relaxing music

From this post we can conclude that listening to relaxing music has a positive effect on:

Our daily life
Our work progress
Our sleep performance
Studying becomes easier
Music can regulate our emotions
Music has a big impact on our brains
It reduces a person’s perception of pain
Music has an impact on our lives and thoughts