7 amazing types of bananas

Banana is a popular tropical fruit that offers a great taste and nutrition. It is a healthy and delicious snack that is easy to use in baking and cooking. If you think that the yellow banana sold at the grocery store is the only type of banana, then you are wrong! You may wonder to know that nature offers 1000 different kinds of bananas than the standard yellow banana that you find in your supermarket. Each of its types comes with a unique taste and flavor. Here we have some amazing types of bananas that you must try.

Different types of bananas:
Cavendish banana:

Cavendish bananas are a more common type of bananas you mostly find in your grocery stores. They are usually available in young unripened green to full ripen yellow. It is used as a standard dessert banana all around the world. It is best to use Cavendish banana in your smoothies, fruit salads, and pancakes.


Plantain contains high content of starch and is usually used as vegetables and cannot be consumed raw as bananas. When the plantain is allowed to ripen well, it goes through the same changes in color, just like a banana. However, they do not have such a sweet taste as bananas; this is the reason they are usually used in savory dishes.

Baby bananas:

They are also called lady finger bananas, which are usually 4 to 5 inches long. They have bright yellow thin peel with dark flex when they are ripened well. Baby bananas have a creamy, sweeter, and more delicious taste than other types of bananas.

Blue java:

Blue java is an excellent type of banana that has a taste the same as vanilla ice cream; that’s why they are also famous as “ice-cream bananas.” This variety of bananas is more cold-resistant and wind-resistant than other types of bananas. The only downside of blue java is that it takes a long time to bloom; that’s why it is not commonly seen in the markets. However, whenever you find this variety in the market, you must buy to taste this delicious banana, which can be eaten raw or added to smoothies.

Red bananas:

Red banana is a common fruit with reddish-purple skin and has the same flavor as yellow bananas. They come in different sizes and have slightly orange or pink color flesh. They are sweeter and softer than Cavendish bananas that can be eaten raw or can be added to the smoothies.

Manzano bananas:

Manzano banana, also called apple banana is a famous dessert banana that has a mild taste similar to apples. They have pinkish flesh that is relatively firm and remarkably sweet. When this banana is fully ripened, it turns black and gives an apple tart aroma. Manzano banana is a great source of potassium, amino acid, vitamin C, and fiber. They can be used in smoothies, ice creams, puddings, and many other dishes.

Burro bananas:

Burro banana can have many different names depending on the region, such as hog, Orinoco, and Horse. They have the usual tangy flavor as, like lemons, this quality makes them a unique type of banana. They are found in yellow color with black spots.

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