7 signals that your personality can intimidate others

Sometimes the way we behave or the things we say can push people away from us. That could be one of your personality traits that you're not very proud of and that you want to change something. But it could also be something that you consider as something positive, and the reason why it scares off some people is the way they look at you.

But still it is important to be aware of the characteristics in our personality that can intimidate others. And you will probably be able to do something with the tips at the bottom of this article that you can apply to adjust your behavior so that you can maintain good relationships with the people around you.

1. You are very honest

Honesty is one of the most important features of your personality. You like to be honest with the others, even if that sometimes implies telling the hard truth or hurting someone. If you feel that's the only right thing you have to do, be honest, that's better than diluting things or lying.

2. You don't like light conversations

You don't like wasting your time talking about cows and calves. You do not like to talk about the weather, you do not inform others about the course of their weekend or any other subject that is used to be just friendly and polite. Light conversations are simply meaningless, you'd rather get to the point right away and talk about things that matter or you like a meaningful conversation. That results in skipping the little fun things in life or you don't talk to people you know you can't have an entertaining conversation with. That could make you look rude or numb to the others.

3. You do not tolerate indifference

You like to have an open mind and you like to learn new things, but others are not so fond of them. So the moment someone has an opinion about something, and especially about what they don't know much about, it can get on your nerves seriously. And that's why you're going to avoid people like that. Or at worst, you lose your patience and become emotional.

4. You cannot stand complainants

You don't make up excuses for everything, so you don't accept them, and you expect the same thing from others. You'd rather have someone straighten their back and get rid of their problems than spend time on self-lamentation. And when you have to work with someone like that, you get the feeling that they're also wasting your precious time. Maybe you'll react briefly and give your opinion. At such a moment, that person thinks you have no heart and no empathy, as if you are a robot who only wants to achieve results and is blind to the struggle they have to fight to get through everything.

Then there are also a number of characteristics in your personality that you really can't consider other than completely positive for the full one hundred percent. And yet others can also consider or experience these characteristics as intimidating.

1. You keep your word

Honesty also comes the opportunity to keep your word. You make a promise, you keep it. But not everyone can. When everyone notices that when you give your word that you keep that promise, they will compare themselves to you and notice the contrast. Maybe they'll feel offended and powerless.

2. You are open-minded

Trying things out or learning new things doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, which does in other people. You are open to hear both sides of the story, and your decisions and your opinions take this into account. You're inspired by the unusual, which can make you do things differently than the other people. But doing new and unusual things, that gets others out of their comfort zone.

3. You have a strong will and you are stubborn

If you have decided to do something, you will do it anyway, even if that means you do not meet the expectations of the others. You have no fear of going against something and standing alone when what you think or do doesn't happen to the norm. And if you do not immediately achieve the desired result, you have enough confidence and perseverance to keep trying, no matter how meaningless and strange that may seem to the rest.


*Try to imagine how someone else might feel when you tell them the full truth. If someone has no problem with the truth, do it, tell it. But some people can be badly hurt by your words, and telling the truth can do a lot of harm to the relationship with this person. It's a better idea to organize your thoughts, and proclaim the message in a respectful manner.For example, if you have to bring bad news, be honest but also try to show that you want to support that person.Or if you have to criticize the work someone has done, focus on what they have done and do not make a personal account of them as a person. Show that you think it's important that the work is done properly, and give advice on how to do it better in the future.

*People are used to talking about chats and calves to break the ice, try not to skip this step.If you really feel uncomfortable and you feel that this is a pure waste of time, keep it short. It may be worth taking time for a friendly, light conservation to make people feel comfortable, and the next conversations you have will be smoother.

*If you get into a situation where your vision and someone else's vision is different, do not try to become emotional and do not offend anyone.Try to imagine what it should be like to stand in their shoes, and get arguments that support your opinion that you can link to the person who disagrees with you.

*Another thing you should keep in mind is that sometimes people have to admit their emotions, even if that means they look weak by complaining or self-lamenting. Instead of criticizing them, show that you support them and help them get back on top of it after a difficult period. They will appreciate you very much that you're ready for them. Instead of creating a distance like this, you might be able to make a new friend.

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