9 Tips for Drying Wet Carpet Melbourne

Did you search for ‘Wet Carpet Melbourne’ or ‘carpet drying’ or something similar? Has it been quite some time that your living room smells weird? Is it that the weather has been quite extreme the past few days? Have you recently had a water leak in your house that your carpet is wet now? Well, you’ve landed in the right place.

Even extreme moisture in the environment gets collected underneath the carpet and accumulation of the same gives out a foul smell. Carpet being an integral part of almost every household is not only used for aesthetic decoration purposes but for warmth and comfort. In winter, they provide us warmth and on harsh windy days, they help us to keep dirt at bay. During hot summers, carpets are the place for sitting, playing & gossiping together.

Despite all the comfort that carpets bring, it becomes really hard to clean them when wet. Not a single carpet owner likes their carpet or that small bedside rug to get wet.

Let’s look at some handy tips about how to dry wet carpets.

Keep the Carpet Clean

The dirtier the carpet, the harder it is to clean well. Dirt needs more water to get removed. So, washing or dusting the carpet once a month and regular vacuum cleaning will save you the effort.

Switch Off Air conditioners And Humidifiers

Excess moisture in the air will get absorbed by the carpet so always turn off any air conditioner or humidifiers if present and turn them off to avoid moisture accumulation in the already wet carpet.

Switch On Fan

If you’ve got a ceiling fan or any kind of fan around, turn them on to encourage better airflow inside the room for the moisture to evaporate so that your carpet will dry off quickly. Also, open the windows too; they help in better air circulation.

Place Towels on the Carpet

Placing towels on the wet carpet will help it to absorb excess moisture and fasten the drying process. Keep them until completely wet and then, change them as per need.


Yes, if you have a dehumidifier then, turn it on or you can also rent it for an affordable price. It’ll help you get out the moisture from the room by collecting them and releasing them into either a tank or directly to drain if you have a connection and your wet carpet will start drying up fast.

Home Remedy

If you’ve some little patches over your carpet and it is not entirely wet, then this home remedy may work well for you. Add some baking soda to the wet patch and leave it to dry for some 30 minutes and then vacuum clean it and you'll find your carpet as good as before.  

Steam Clean

It doesn't matter if you do it yourself or hire a professional; steam cleaning your carpet can help remove toxins and microbial growth from the inner parts without much difficulty. Simply, you may search for Wet carpet Melbourne and land on many professional help options to choose from.

Change Carpet Padding

Replacing the carpet pad may be the best choice when your inner paddings are damaged and saturated from excess sipped water. It’ll help you avoid any fungal growth which may appear in the future.

Carpet Dryer Hire

Or you can choose a more hassle-free way to deal with your carpet by looking for a local expert Carpet dryer hire around instead of dealing with it on your own. Flood Services Melbourne can be such an option for you which is available 24/7 regardless of wherever you’re in Melbourne. It’s always better to get expert advice.

Hope, this will help you choose the best for yourself.