English guide to yoo.rs, ''how to join'' for english speaking people

English guide to yoo.rs, ''how to join'' for english speaking people

Hello all,

I decided to make a little guide ''how to join'' to yoo.rs for English speaking people. Since it is a Dutch website by origin it can be quite difficult to navigate through if you aren't speaking Dutch!

To make it easier I'm using my referral link in this guide, which saves you 2-3 pages in the sign-up process. You don't have to use it, but it gives you a nice start bonus of 300 points

Click this link: https://y.is/4Po9m which opens a new window; which looks like the one pictured below.


Tap the red circled area and select ''en'' instead of ''NL'' this will give you this screen:


You now have changed your default language to English.

If you signed up without changing the language no need to panic!


Just open the menu on the main page while being logged in. (area indicated by red)


Then thick the ''Instellingen'' / Preferences, indicated with the gear in front of it. 


After that tick ''Taal''/ Language


Then tick English and click ''back''. This also changed your settings to English. 

You can now enjoy this website in English, however, not all parts are fully integrated into the English version. The feedback section/voting system is still only available in Dutch.

I hope this guide was useful to you!