Figure review; snow Miku, 1/7th scale

Hello all,

Today we will review a new scale of Hatsune Miku. This scale is 1/7 and was released on 28 May 2018. This figure is based on an illustration of MONQ and is placed on the side of the box. The sculpt is made by Hiro and the design of the paint is done by Takayuki Kawahara. The figure is about 28 cm tall, which is pretty decent for a 1/7 scale.  

Let's get started!

First off; her box. Her box is really nice and it has a lot of well-executed details. On the front, there is a big peek through the window that allows you to see the majority of the figure. Besides the window, the front of the box has nice snowflakes and blue stripes on it. One side of the box shows the illustration where this scale is based on. On the other side, there is a picture of her figure along with the snowflake and blue stripes design. The back of the box shows a variety of angles of the scale figure and has a nice little peek through in the shape of a star. The inside of the box also has the snowflake theme.


360 Degree view of this Miku. 


The scale is really well detailed. The paint on the whole figure is spot on, the shading is superb as is the colour scheme. In really like the dynamic and posing of the character in this figure.  

Her face has a cute/innocent smile with a touch of badass. The details on her eyes are wonderful.  Her hair is covered in snowflake patterns, varying in size. The hair itself has a nice very pale blue to dark blue, which makes the snowflake patterns pop out. Because this gradient some of the hair gets an icy look, especially at her feet. The snowflake patterns come back in the design of her tie, gloves, scarf and headphones, which in my opinion is a really nice touch. The hair swirls around Miku and ends very clever onto the base. Her scarf follows the dynamic of the hair and the tie along with her belt completes the vibe. I like how the sculptor respected the balance between femininity going too much overboard on her chest/butt size. Her skirt is nice and matches with her gloves and boots. The posing of the legs is quite elegant. They added a nice little piano pattern on the upper part of her boots which adds a really nice touch. 

The base is really well-thought through. By making the base at 30 degrees it contributes to the dynamics, also the snowflake pattern from the hair and the box comes back onto the base. The colour of the base is some kind of matte blue which contributes to the ice theme. Also, the connection between and the Miku is really well-thought through. The white part on top of the base looks like some icy spike but does also match some parts of Miku's hair 

A lot of comments are made about her ankles, especially the angle. Many people made a joke ''I'm glad I didn't get this figure since it looks like Miku had broken her ankle''. To be honest I don't think it's that bad. Yes her ankles are bent, but for me, it's just part of the dynamics of the pose. 


I hope you all liked this review! Thank you for reading.