Hatsune miku jumbo figure review; which one is better?

Hatsune miku jumbo figure review; which one is better?

There are currently 2 jumbo nendoroids of Hatsune Miku available, 1 was a prize in a lottery and can be obtained nowadays on the aftermarket. The other one was released by good smile company in November 2017. Since I was able to get my hands on both, I wanted to do a review which one is ''better'' and worth its money. 


Figure 1

This is the lottery prize of a lottery hosted by good smile company in the winter of 2012. The figure is about 30 cm high and is made out of PVC. I bought this figure in Japan for 75 euro. (This included shipping and import fees)


The painting is done quite well on this figure. Overall I had a hard time spotting any errors in the paint job.

Like you can see on her headphone, the paint is neat, also her tie and collar are well painted.

Same goes for her belt and skirt and sleeves.

The only thing that is bothering me, is her base. I had a hard time assembling it, that the manual was only in Japanese didn't help much.

The base is solid, however, you will need to support her tails otherwise she will knock over.

And some more neat painting on her headphones.

Figure 2

This figure was released in November 2017 by good smile company. They released it due to the fact that good smile company had its 10th anniversary of the nendoroids. This figure is 27.5 tall, so 2.5cm smaller than the lottery prize. It did cost me 200 euro (this included shipping and import fees) 

This Miku has some nice details on her collar. However, the paint doesn't completely match the sculpture. 

The skirt is well painted and has some shiny paint on it, which I really like

Her bangs removed, they have certainly made sure that they do not just fall off.


The paint of this arm feels quite rushed over. 

Some messy painting at the headphones.


I love her stand, it is like a little piano. Also  her stand is lovely just like a big sturdy replica of the minature.


Her extra parts, 1 leg, 1 arm, and one squee face

There is a huge seam between her bangs and rest of the hair. Which is kinda a shame. 


Almost like she screams: ''hug me!''


Overall verdict

I like the Miku from 2017 more because I like the shiny paint, it feels more luxurious in some way. However, the paint job is less well executed, which is a shame. I like also that this figure has some extra parts, and had more displaying possibilities.  


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