My first experience with building a model kit - part 1

My first experience with building a model kit - part 1

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I wanted to build a model kit for quite some time, but with zero experience and a tight budget, I procrastinated the plans to make one. Recently I found a cheap listing of a model kit of Hatsune Miku, and I thought, why not? I purchased the kit and gave it a shot. 

Picture of the whole model set. This set was partly prepainted only 1 colour on the moulds. This set does require some additional painting to let it match the image. 

For this set, I used some basic tools, a mini side cutter (I used 1 of the brand Sencys, but any brand will do) a small Stanley knife and some sandpaper with a fine grit. 

1 disadvantage of this set that was there was a lot of excess plastic on the parts and once they were assembled they were very hard to split again, so any modifications couldn't be made. (Even without glueing) 


A lot of excessive plastic when the runners are removed. Indicated by the purple circles on the picture


My tools of use for this part, Stanley knife and the side cutter. I strongly recommend getting a side cutter whenever you are trying to build a model kit. Without them, the parts can be hard to separate from their runners

The kit with the manual after splitting the parts from the runners


All parts prepared (removed the excess plastic and gave them a light sanding for the next step; painting the kit. For the painting, I'm going to stick to the original colour scheme, but I plan on doing some extra highlights and shading. Since I have to wait for my ordered paint to come in, I can't proceed with this kit at the moment. 

I enjoyed this kit pretty much so far. Even though it's not the best quality (I saw a lot of people rant over this kit because of its bad quality) it's a nice kit to start with. It took about 4 hours to remove the parts of their runners and remove all the excess plastic. 



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At least you were busy for some hours. Was it worth allthe work and the money you payed for this kit?
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