Nendoroid 794 - Jibril figure review

Nendoroid 794 - Jibril figure review

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Hello all

Today we will review Nendoroid 794 Jibril from the series ''no game, no life'' in Japanese called: ''Nōgēmu Nōraifu (1)'' Jibril is a flügel (not the alcoholic drink), an angelic race which is very powerful, but known for their ruthlessness. In the manga Jibril is over 6000 years old, she lives in an enormous library because she loves knowledge. If you would like to know more about her, feel free to read on here: link

Enough babbling about the character, on to the figure. Good smile company released the nendoroid on 29 January 2018. 


[Click images for larger pictures] First, the box, the box is a standard nendoroid box. The front has a window where you can see the figure, the sides and back have examples of the posed figure. Unlike other nendoroids, all the example pictures are actually different from each other. (i have seen a lot of boxes where the pictures are the same on the back and the sides. 


[Click images for larger pictures] On to her extra parts. She has quite a lot of extra parts. She has a total of 3 faceplates, 2 props to hold, a book and tablet. Besides that, she has 2 extra legs, 3 extra left arms and 2 extra right arms. On top of that, she has a wide range of hands. 


[Click images for larger pictures] Overall i really like this nendoroid, it has a nice paintjob, i only found 1 flaw in the paint. I really like how they did the gradient color on her hair. The wings and skirt are pretty moveable, which is a plus in my opinion. 1 of my concerns with this nendoroid was the boobs. regulary nendoroids are very small chested. Jibril in the manga had quite some chest. I think it's very elegant how they solved this. The saved space on the arm parts in other to make it fit. 

Some things about this nendoroid that i don't like is the stand. it somehow is less moveable than regulair stands. which makes her always float about 1 cm above her stand. 1 other thing that could be done differently is the extra lock of hair on the back of her head, this could be blended in more at the top.  


[Click images for larger pictures] Pictures of various poses



Isn't she cute?



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OMG Love Jibril!!!! I did hava a moment You decapitated her!!!! but it was funny, tyty for sharing!
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