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Hello everyone!

I was having a question, which I hope you can help me with.

I received a reaction to the blog post below (got a notification in my inbox) however when I open the post I can't see the actual reaction/comment. Anyone knows how this issue is caused and how I could solve it?

Update: i can't see any comment section on my own blog, i can see the comment section of others people's blogs. 

Thank you in advance!

Update 2: the issue is solved. The comments showed up after 1 hour. Thank you all for the comments/suggestions!


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I can see it!
10-05-2018 16:17
10-05-2018 16:17
Do you mean the reaction/comment like this one or the feedback (that is something else and I don't know how to see it, perhaps you only can if you give feedback to someone else?)
10-05-2018 12:44
10-05-2018 12:44
Hans van Gemert
I can see one reaction when I open your blogpost. Isn't that the one you mean?
10-05-2018 11:37
10-05-2018 11:37