Saddest Parts Of Being A Programming Nerd

By Nelly Nakhero

So I’ve been trying to fix this bug on my #JDBC derby database for the most part of the day; when I say most part of the day I mean the whole day. I got frustrated I did not even have the appetite to take dinner. My mom storms into my room really furious of the audacity of me staying in my room the whole day and not even helping out in the kitchen and now am pulling this crap of not eating.

I stare at her with disbelief in my eyes. How dare she? But again, she wouldn’t understand. So I summon all my remaining nerves and tell her, “Sorry mom I was working on something and it’s not going as I wanted. Am sorry I lost track of time”. By the look she gave me I knew she thought that was crap.

So I am so frustrated, I install my IDE and decide to download another updated JDK. I think someone said a good #farmer never blames his tools but as at now I am convinced my laptop has turned all my drivers against me. Does Elon Musk deal with this crap? I think I should just quit programming and become a puppeteer, I joke.

A pop up from #quora digest pops up on my browser. A piece of article from John Smith about the saddest part of being a programmer? And he starts by listing a couple of frustrations he has had over the years. As I scroll down I find myself nodding. “Aha! Someone understands.”

He states that one of the downsides is not being able to share your sweetest accomplishments with yours family because after all they would not understand how amazing it felt that you established a connection with your derby client! Or how you found the right color for the UI that is user interface. You k now this small things that might as well make programmers cry on their keyboard. Sometimes I wish I could tell my brother how much some bug in my code is actually bugging my existence then, but eeer! Who talks computer? No one but me in the whole damn house.

Mr. John goes ahead and explains how frustrating it gets when managers could just toss away your #project after months of development. Just one day, one meeting and they decide that they no longer needed that app you have been struggling to develop and perfect since last year May. I swear that hurts more that hitting your knuckle on the wall.

One of the most demoralizing thing is when the senior managers who know nothing about how sharp you are at coding or how many late nights you had fixing an app, decide if you deserve a promotion or not. It’s just my #opinion it’s only a plumber who can judge the authenticity of a tap. So having someone who really does not quite grasp what you are doing decide your fate can be very frustrating.

This is just a few of the frustrating moments that programmers face. Trust me there is a lot more. However is not all salty, there are wins that comes being the guy behind the ones and zeroes world. The flexible time schedules, not having to dress up for work, other days your bed is the office and many petals that color the world of wireframes, debuggers and modularity. Nevertheless, the pinch is just as painful, but we love the fruits. Most of us wouldn’t trade this for any other profession in the world. Ignore the #puppeteer wish; that was stupid.