The morning started very dark.
We were at breakfast when the lights suddenly went out, the computer stopped it because the WiFi shot out, and from the surrounding farms we heard the alarms go off.
Power outage..

We went to work anyway. Today, the demolition of the bathroom was on the schedule - we didn't really need electrical appliances.
well.., I stood five times with the vacuum cleaner in my hands during the breakdown - petty and slummy. And then remind myself that that bitch really wouldn't do it anyway. well, luckily we have brooms too.

During the first coffee break, I promised the kids:
“If you guys play, we'll light the campfire afternoon. I bought spekkies, you can roast them on the fire.”

They listened very well. While Cees and I were busy upstairs, the five were entertaining downstairs. They have been clays, drawn, twice they took a big walk and they played in the backyard for a while.

Fortunately, the power outage took only three hours..

Occasionally we went down for a cup of coffee, then we sat at the table with seven of us and heard the stories. If the kids had done their story, we went on again.

It wasn't until five o'clock we had it bald and cleaned up. Much later than it was intended..
“But mom.., we've been sweet, right?”
“Yes turd, unwise sweet. But before the fire burns well, it's already bedtime..”
“But we love spekkies so much. They're not good when you eat them like that!”
My radar turned overtime: campfire was not getting him anymore, in the frying pan the spekkies had not turned out to be a good idea either, but what would be a good idea then??!?!?
“Do you know what?? All pack a tealight in a holder and a fork - then I'll grab a lighter and the bacon!”
It wasn't a campfire, but it became nice, warm spekkies and they were eaten with a lot of fun.!

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