A compliment works wonders...


Do you ever get a compliment,
or better yet have you ever given one?
It is, of course, a rhetorical question,
but I still want to give it some attention.

After all, it is very important.
Living without the occasional compliment is pretty tough.

It's good to know,
that someone else can appreciate your presence.
It has a positive effect,
it can even turn lives.

How many people live with a very negative self-image.
How many people still embrace the idea: “love one another”.

Will you take on this challenge with me?
I started a long time ago.

Maybe you had already started it
and maybe you'll join me from today?
Give at least one compliment every day, that's the idea.

Be inspired by this poem?
I will wonder which of 'my' readers will succumb to this.

And if you've already started
I would love to give my compliment!

by: a Voice of Thoughts ❤️

#love #compliment