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A Dangerous Friendship - Part 3



I want to ask you for honest feedback. Feel free to be critical with asking questions, giving responses and therefore also feedback. In the end, I hope to really publish this story as a book. However, I am still far from that point, since some pieces of text are still missing, some suddenly need to be written out even further and some language errors still need to be corrected. So I am thankful to all those who are critical and can help me to further perfect my story in this way.

Still annoyed about breakfast, Anne, while on her way to school, thinks about two years ago: “Time has gone so fast”. She is thinking about the transition from primary school to secondary school. Anne remembers it as if it were yesterday. Together with her friends, she had held a big party to celebrate the friendship that had been and would always be. From an early age, Anne has known that she wants to be a veterinarian. To do this, she needs at least a VWO diploma. By choosing a different school, Anne knew that she would see Jasmine, Katja, Jessica, Fleur and Simone less often. They would stay in touch as much as possible via WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Surely she would be a bit connected this way.

Since starting secondary school, Anne quickly feels like an outcast. She is looked at strangely by many students. She feels her eyes on her over and over again as she enters the classroom. It feels like the eyes that look at her are branding her. Every day she gets these looks, which make her sweat break out. She would love to leave this place, but that's not possible. Again and again, she dives into each other with uncertainty. Her appearance doesn't really help Anne either, she has a completely different clothing and hair style. Anne prefers to wear dungarees topped with an open blouse that is far too big for her. She wears her long, brown, curly locks in a casual ponytail as standard. She rarely wears makeup, she thinks it's nonsense to make herself up. She only does this when there is a special occasion, which is at most once or twice a year. This whole big picture, together, makes it clear that she is anything but a city girl. Anne was born and grew up in a small farming village just outside the big city, about half an hour by bike from the school. Here, everyone knows each other and everyone is there for each other when necessary. She likes to spend her free time playing Netflix with friends, taking a walk in nature or riding a horse.

The vast majority of the school's students were born and grew up in a completely different environment. This is why it's normal if you hang out with your friends with a toddler and a drink, or if you hang out on a bench in the city. For this reason alone, Anne feels insecure and small. Townspeople always seem so much more confident. Her thoughts are that she gets blocked when entering into contacts. For example, she thinks that there is no one with the same interests as her and also that no one wants to be friends with her because she looks different. This makes it difficult for her to form friendships. Even as a result, she consciously shies away from possible new friendships even before they even begin. The only contact that Anne has at school is mandatory for classes with other students due to collaborative projects. Anne is therefore happy and thankful that she still has contact with her friends every now and then. Thanks to them, she manages to stand between the people that are strange to her.

Anne seems to be getting through the first school year reasonably. She apps her friends very regularly, in the evening she makes video calls and meets up every other weekend. However, Anne has the strong idea that contact decreases more and more as time goes by. More and more often, she only gets an app back late and sometimes not at all, and more and more often her friends cancel their joint weekend at the last minute.

In the second school year, this starts to be very noticeable, so there is almost no contact at all. Anne has a strong feeling that the friendship with her friends is becoming increasingly diluted. She is very upset about this and feels how loneliness creeps into her life. It is a sense of emptiness, a sense of alone in the world, even though there are still people around you, a world that is collapsing. She misses socializing, chatting about everyday things and, above all, friendship. Previously, she could always go to her friends when she had something to worry about. Now she has the idea that she can't go to anyone, that she doesn't have anyone to have a conversation with anymore. Memories on Facebook often remind her of the beautiful moments. To keep the memories alive, Anne regularly reposts these messages to her timeline, with a tag to her friends and the comment: “Do you remember?', in the hope that there will be reactions. However, messages were hardly noticed, it seemed like. The fact that there will be no reactions makes Anne insecure, so she begins to doubt the friendship more and more. Is there still a friendship? Did I do my very best to maintain the friendship? Is there anything else I can do to save the friendship?


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