A day on the ice (main story)

Last week I was talking about a new way of reading. While reading, you could take trips, see other characters or angles. I told you that I could and that I would post a story today. With this one! (it was quite a job and maybe not yet optimal, but it can be)

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It might get a little cluttered, but my challenge was to make it an interactive whole.. I hope that's how it can be followed.

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A day on the ice.

For days it's cold, not a little but very. Several snowmen have worked together to create an amazing smooth ice floor.

You, of course, think that this is done by the monarch. That's right, also the snowmen have a frost. King they actually call him. It's a bird species, a bird species you might know. The wren.

This bird of course has a great view of how ice making progresses. It sees the bumps in the ice, it sees the cracks and the cracks and can give the orders from its airy position.

Have you ever seen them? ? Those snowmen. Just pay attention when you go to a lake in the middle of the forest, then they are the easiest to find.

They often do not pay attention to that, they are still bathing in the icy water when the frost overtakes them. The monarch gives the order to the snowmen who are still awake at work. They should freeze! With their hands like branches and the broom in it sometimes, they brush up the ice and snow on the water. Continuing further, harder and smoother.

Well, when you're floating on the side, you can be ambushed by the ice swept against your body.. Of course, they try to escape. One time by trying to grab onto a low-hanging branch, the other time by struggling to crawl on the ice.

But, if they did not succeed when the day comes, then they have to lie still. No one, no, no, no one can know that a snowman has been working here.

In this way they freeze and fall into a wonderful hibernation. Peacefully they lie there, waiting for the thaw to come in and be free again. Free, to disappear as soon as possible in the forest, or just underwater.

Yes, also in the water, at the bottom of the ice they can sometimes be found. Most so in a deep sleep but not all. You also have the ladies, belonging to our snowmen. These ladies, the so-called snow mermaids, who ensure that the ice can also grow at the bottom. Often they are pleased with the lost snowmen who come to them under water, immersed in a deep sleep.

So they can also get little ones. Look in that beautiful ice floor. Sometimes you can find them. Beautiful bells. Now stuck in the ice. But there too the thaw will work redeeming. Soon, when the snow is gone, the thaw is deployed, then the great migration begins.

Oh, yeah, I was telling you about the cravings of the snowmen...

You may think that this is the migration that all those animals must hibernate after months of not eating anything, but nothing is less true. It's about the draft for cold soils. The north and in some cases the extreme south. Pure cold is there lord and master. Here it is not the wren who make the service.

No, this is where another monarch reigns. This is where our air bubbles grow up, into real snowmen. I will also tell you about these bubbles, but I will do that somewhere else: Before the time comes, the snowmen in the making have to pass several tests.. One of them is the flake test.

Link to trip snowmen.

My own interpretation of this test

Would you like to see more images of this phenomenon? You can do that here! (yes, Elles probably didn't notice what she was taking pictures of)

(below the images the story continues)


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There are, of course, even more tests that need to be done... I found another one. This is the English version in which I try to tell the story with the same language. (in English I'm a little less strong at this, so I hope I'm doing it right)


With a QR code scanner you can hear these listening stories.

(the newer phones automatically do this when you point the camera at it, for older phone calls: you can also find these scanners in the app store or in the google play store)

Here for the Dutch, yes the English is not a real translation of this but everyone has an impression!

Now back to our frost on both poles!

No royal name, just terrible snowman! why? Well, he's big, very big! Polar bears run away from him! (in the North Pole then, the place where he is most) And when people see this happening, they're pretty quickly impressed.. Hence, terrible. But it's just a huge good-ass. Just too cold, too cool, or even too chill to get close. Over the last few years, our terrible snowman has shown himself very little. He has even been submerged for a while to get himself into a wonderful sleep.

Yet, just this year, he made a fresh start. He's looking for his queen. A real ice queen. And, the latter is the reason he also found the Internet. Somewhere here on Yoors seems to find such a lady. Also superchill! She even seems to have clothes designed by the creme de la creme within the fashion world. Our snowman wonders if she might be trying to court him, yes, him.

Maybe you guys followed it a little? The fashion design contest here on Yoors? Great creations have emerged! Really worthy of an ice queen. What do you think? ? Would she know? ? From that snowman?

Personally, I think so.. There's not much that slips away from her attention.

Hieronder kun je een aantal van de mooiste creaties zien ( @Dana ik ben maar zo brutaal geweest))

Underneath you read on again!

Continued main story

Yeah, so far, I've only taken you into the life of a snowman. But is that all? Isn't there really a story?

Yes, so there is.. An unusually exciting story.

Maybe you even saw it happen, once on the ice. But this time was very special!

The lake was completely frozen. A plain of ice. People were frenzied with fun. They could slide, skate, play on the water and no one was worried about the power of the ice. Yet something was not right here!

There were bells, you know, future snowmen, they were still stuck in the ice. But the first test was already done. Well endured also by most. But there was one call that couldn't get it done. No flakes! Just loose pieces of ice. Little charts no more. This one unborn snowman, got angry, almost angry, and at the start of the next test, the force test did not control this bell his powers properly anymore.. He started to form like a mad ice cream.

Too much ice, too much ice! The wren came at full speed to the site of mishap. It would snap, it would burst! This can't go well! Whistling, tweeting, squeaking, our little kingly fluttering over the spot. Under the ice a group of snowmaids had already formed. No time for snow maids, even the submerged snowmen were awake. This couldn't go well.

Pchinngngngn! A singing sound sounded over the plain. A nasty chick at the back. Most people didn't care about this at all. Ice is supposed to work. That sound is just part of it. But beneath the surface there were thousands of bubbles, snowmen and snowmaids working like a teething to make sure the ice kept the same thickness everywhere. Fish were already cornered, space was getting small down there!

One bubble and everything was disrupted! The ice shot, cracked, the wren was completely panicked. Soon it will snap! Or, worse, soon there will really be no room for underwater life. The tension was tremendous!

And then the wren came to mind something. people! These are rash, rough, stupid creatures, they like to break things, they enjoy only for themselves without taking into account others!

He could use that!

The wren whistled a cheerful tune, fluttering at the people and it started there, the first fingers were already in its direction!

A few phone calls came out and pictures were taken.

They came after him!

Of course it was risky, but he would try. A large group of people was approaching. Our little kingdom now flew quietly so as not to lose the people, towards the air bubble. And there, there it just sat on the ice. Wait.

Branches were already thrown at him. The ice didn't break. Too many people on a root ball. The ice didn't break. And then, the moment the first people could almost catch him, he shoots away. Between grawling hands, gaping mouths and throwing children.

A few astonished glances look at the ice where he was just sitting. A large bubble is clearly visible under the surface. An air bubble shooting off amazing icles.

The Wren was right. people zijn dom, oerstom eigenlijk. But now, now it was the salvation of everyone.

This stupid group of people began to chop, skates went into the ice, many pictures were taken. And not much later, one of those guys with a big lump of ice in his hands. Under him the hole was closed by snowmen and snowmaids.

A lump of ice with an air bubble, icicles stuck out and it melted. Slowly in the hands of this one fool. The ice was saved.