#foodanddrinks Yesterday I made two delicious dishes in my kitchen who knows before I had made different types of dishes, each one so delicious.
the materials used for its realization were:

  • Beef or pork goes to your liking
  • Chorizo
  • eggs
  • Flour
  • Jamon
After recruiting all those ingredients, I got to work, first it was to put the meat in the pan, add plenty of oil to give it a tasty finish, let it fry for at least 10 minutes, make sure to turn the meat over within that period of time when you see that the meat has been fried correctly.

Then I proceeded to fry the eggs in the process, cut part of the hams into pieces to stir together with the egg mixture, I put them in a previously heated frying pan for about 5 minutes, then I proceeded to throw it into the pan leaving it for about 6 minutes until they already looked good, this can be to everyone's taste.
Finally I proceeded to make some flour doughs which I fried in the pan for about 4 minutes until golden brown, these are a delicious addition is to add a crispy dough to the dish And after them I proceeded to go to the grill where I put the chorizos this took 10 minutes to be that way.

Here my dish is delicious to make at a family reunion, finally you can accompany it with a good soda, oh natural drink like guava juice.

A delicious dish of chorizo and meat