They say that the soul of a young woman had been lost, she had been the victim of witchcraft, because she fell ill and they never found the cause of her illness, even though the doctors did tests and did not give a diagnosis.
The young woman whose name was Luciana died at the age of 28. A man in love allegedly bewitched her by being rejected. Luciana was a very beautiful woman from a good family.
Her mother prayed every night for her daughter's soul. She said she saw her, that she appeared at night asking her not to stop praying because in the place where she was there were demons torturing her relentlessly, and that with her prayers a door that radiated a powerful light seemed to open with her prayers. I begged her not to stop praying until that door was wide open for her to flee.
Luciana, she cried with agony and asked for mercy but the demons only laughed, but there was one that hurt her as little as possible. She gradually approached him to gain his trust.
The demon named “Fagfa” seemed to be impressed by the beauty of Luciana. Over time, it was causing others to turn away from her and she didn't suffer so much anymore. Luciana, had gained her trust until she earned it as a friend.
“Fagfa” diminished his agony while she fell in love with his fantasy tales, white jokes, meaningless jokes. That door was already a little more open thanks to his mother's prayers. Luciana could see that, but she didn't say anything to “Fagfa”
There came a time when only “Fagfa” stayed with her. Luciana no longer suffered, it seemed more pleasant her stay in hell, she was sure that “Fagfa” loved her. She seemed to love him too because after so many talks, jokes, jokes, they got so close that she got to kiss him. “Fagfa” couldn't be more in love, he knew the feeling of love, he got to the point of healing his wounds with his hands and mouth.
Luciana, smiled and stopped appearing to her mother, her happiness was so much that she didn't seem to want to leave. But she and “Fagfa” did not expect that the king of darkness, satan would notice. He sent for “Fagfa” and ordered that the other demons torture him with whips and knives, inserting them again and again without rest.
Luciana, when she no longer saw “Fagfa” but the demons who had gone back to where she began to beg for mercy again. That door seemed to have little left to close. She asked them about “Fagfa” but there was no answer, until one day one of the demons told her that “Fagfa” was going to be sacrificed and destroyed.
Luciana began to cry and asked not to hurt her, satan realized the love both felt. He put together a plan in order to prove his love.
He talked to “Fagfa” and told her that he was going to give him another chance, that he would return to Luciana, but that he had to torture her otherwise he would be sacrificed and destroyed. After that he talked to Luciana, the talk was extensive and he proposed something very tempting. Luciana, had already noticed that that door was very short of closing and that she had to get out of there as it happened, leaving her love behind.
When the day came when they met again, Luciana and “Fagfa” hugged and kissed, he told her with tears that he had to hurt her if it would not be destroyed. Luciana began to cry and asked her forgiveness, she didn't want him to suffer.
She asked him to flee, showed him the door that led to the exit from that place. The love that “Fagfa” felt for her was so great that she immediately accepted. They started planning how to walk to the door without anyone seeing them. The demons who tortured her had disappeared for a moment Luciana told her that this was the opportunity.
They began to walk to the door holding hands, “Fagfa” smiled at her and seemed happy to leave with her, while Luciana began to prick her eyes, she let go of her hand and stuck a knife straight into her heart not once but several times until it fell to the ground. “Fagfa” fell to his knees, and he cried in pain, the love of his life had betrayed him because in that the devil appeared to them and laughed and mockingly said to him “deluded, you thought he loved you?, look nothing else, could his desire to leave this place more than your disgusting love. I made a deal with her, let her go if she destroyed you”
Injured Fagfa fell to the ground with his eyes fixed on Luciana, her face soaked in tears as she agonized. satan approached him and gave him the final thrust, destroying him completely to ashes. Then he looked at Luciana, smiled until he started laughing. Luciana, then looked at the door and it was already closed. With anguish he looked at satan and told him that he had to let her out, that was the deal.
Satan mocked her again and said to her “you yourself made that door shut, your heart is not good, you belong to this place, heaven does not accept treacherous and liars and you betrayed” Fagfa” and lied to him. Luciana then said, “You set me up”! Satan then said to him, “No, you acted according to what is in your heart”
“Fagfa” being a demon came to fall in love with you and you who appeared to be good never loved him. Now without him in hell you will suffer like all the souls that are here.
“Fagfa” was struck to death by the love he felt for Luciana until he died. Luciana will now suffer for not having valued that love that “Fagfa” offered her without condition.

A demon wounded by love!