A Different Reality

A Different Reality

Can you change the reality you're experiencing?

Are you happy with the reality you are experiencing, or would you rather live in a different reality?

A lot of people would like to change the reality they are experiencing. The question is then, is that actually possible and if so, how do you do it?

To answer that question, we first need to determine how the reality you are experiencing comes into being.

(please note: we are not talking about the reality -whatever that may be- but the reality that you, personally, are experiencing)

How does your personal reality come about??

The thoughts you have about yourself and the world around you, including the people in it, determine what your personal reality looks like. Those thoughts, in turn, are based on the beliefs you cherish.

If you want to change the reality you are experiencing, you will have to let go of the beliefs that do not fit the reality you would rather experience and replace it with beliefs that do suit it. Very simple actually,

It will take some time to let go of certain inappropriate beliefs and replace them with others, but the maintainer always wins in this.So never give up the courage.


Visualize what the reality you want to experience looks like. And very important, have the feelings that belong to that reality. Experience those feelings. Once you succeed, you emit a very different energy than in reality that you want to leave loose and behind you.

Supposing that in current reality “no one likes you”, you can change that situation by visualizing and experience in advance that everyone likes you. As soon as that visualization goes well, you'll feel a lot better right away and you'll notice that reality is slowly but surely starting to change.

Feelings, emotions and thoughts consist of energy that you radiate.
This energy is electromagnetic in nature
the circumstances and
attracts the people
that are in line with that energy

Everyone creates their own personal reality

Everyone is a creator who creates their own personal reality, and therefore everyone is able to change their own personal reality so that the experience of reality becomes more enjoyable.

Not a concept, but a reality you're already experiencing.

The fact that your personal reality is determined by your feelings, emotions and thoughts, not a theoretical concept, but a reality that each of us is experiencing at the moment. The fact that you have a hand in this and can change that reality is (yet) unknown to many.

Don't be a 'victim of circumstances' but take the handle into your own hands. Change your beliefs and thoughts and your reality changes. Only you can change your own reality, no one else can do that for you. And only you can live that reality. So experience the reality that's most enjoyable to you.

You are a creator - #iamacreator - #spirituality - #creation

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Surinamese mobile of paper sign and free printables!
Have you ever been to Suriname? The country in South America, with Paramaribo as its capital, used to be a colony of the Netherlands! The Surinamese population consists of different ethnic groups, none of which form an absolute majority. Dutch is also spoken, but you can hear other languages as well. In Suriname it is nice and warm, between 24 and 36 degrees Celsius.  The beautiful country has beaches, swamps, hills, mountains, tropical rainforest and a number of rivers. You understand that as a result, they also have a lot of special plants and animals! Of course many birds, reptiles and mammals, such as turtles, jaguars, sloths, giant anteaters, caimans, skull monkeys, howler monkeys, tapirs, and also red ibises. And the blue poison dart frog, for example, is only found in Suriname!  (Pixabay Photos) Unbox The World For the “Unbox the world" we made the following craft for the Surinamese theme box. Every other month, Unbox The World puts together a new box in which a new country is central. In this way, you get to know the world and the different cultures in a playful way. The theme boxes are suitable for children between 4 and 10 years old. Find more info about Unbox The World HERE ! What are we going to do crafts? We almost couldn't choose, which is why we created a hanging mobile, where different animals can hang. You too can make this mobile easy! It does take some patience, because all animals and other parts are first happy to be colored by you. Then you can cut them out, fold them in half and stick the cord between them. When 6 the cords are filled, turn them around the edge of the paper sign and your mobile is ready to hang! Before you start crafting, prepare these materials: Paper sign Colours (markers, crayons, wax crayons or a mix of them). So red, green, yellow (the colors of the Surinamese flag) and brown for sloth and coconuts, and of course blue for the poison dart frog! 6 straws in red, green and yellow 6 Beads Cord/rope approx 5 meters. Ruler or tape measure to measure cord (6 pieces of 80cm) Scissors and glue stick (eg Collall) Free printables! Print out the 4 printables from below. (Save the images first (right-click or hold your finger a little longer on your phone screen) Then go to the saved folder (usually the download folder or photo folder). From that saved folder, you can print them out as usual. Tip 1: You can use ordinary print paper, but a bit thicker paper (100 or 120 grams) is a bit nicer! Tip 2: Do you happen to have brown and yellow paper to print out the coconuts and stars? That's totally super! Let's get started! 1 . Prick a hole in the middle of the sign with the scissors so that you can cut out the inner circle of the sign. 2. Draw the lines on the sign with green and red. A strip of green on the outside, then leave a thin strip of white and then a red strip in the middle. Just like the real Surinamese flag! Color the strips, and so do the back of the sign. You can stick the yellow stars to the red strip later! 3. Thread a bead on the cord and tie the bead with 2 or 3 buttons. Then cut the cord to approximately 80cm. How to make 6 strings with a bead attached. Now you can start stringing the strings. Cut a straw into about 8 or 9 pieces (you don't have to be in equal pieces) and thread all the pieces on the wire.  4. Do you have all 6 wires strung with straws? Or maybe it's a little tricky? Stringing is a lot easier, if you roll a piece of adhesive tape around the end of the rope! (just like a lace). In the picture you can see that we did it too, with a piece of (greenish) tape. Super handy! 5. Color the printables with colored pencil, marker or wax crayon. We have colored with colored pencil, but with felt-tip pen, the colors are the brightest and stand out better. Feel free to use the printable with the toucan, jaguar, sloth or snake from the Unbox The World story, if you want it in your mobile phone! After coloring, cut out all parts. 6. Glue the figures in and, place the thread between them (anywhere) and fold the figure closed so that front and back stick exactly together. On each wire, between the straws, there will be 1 large image and a coconut. Of course, you can also do it differently, if you like that. 7. When the 6 wires are ready, wrap the wires around the ring one by one and so that the ends come together equally. Your parents/guardians might be able to help you with that so the wires don't get tangled up. Then tie a knot in the ends and slide the threads around the ring so that they are equidistant from each other.  8. If From the top it looks like this! You could wrap the wires around the ring once more, so they don't shift anymore. You can now hang the mobile where you want of course. Above your desk or bed, we feel like a nice place!?  Extra: Word Search Suriname Save the image first, then you can print out the word search in A4 format from the saved folder. Are you a true word finder lover? Then click HERE for many more word searchers, in various themes or click below: 44 Word Searches for Kids - Also nice: Sloth with baby from styropor eggs - Read more Kitchen roll hose crafting - Read more Turtle crafts - Read more More Unbox The World blogs can be found here: Travel to Japan with Unbox the World! - Travelling to Morocco with the Unbox the World box - With Unbox the World to. Swedes! ” Crea with kids - See more on Yoors? Then sign up for free first: - Click here and enter your email address. That's all! #mobiles #hangingmobile #hangmobile #mobile #mobilecrafting #suriname #surinamesquecrafts #surinamesemobile #knutselensuriname #sloth #paperplates #craftingwithpaperplates