I wrote this poem for my brother, but also for all fathers without a father.


I'm going to be a dad, I want to shout you won't hear me.
I'm going to be a father, I cry and I feel lost.

It's quiet, I feel a nagging longing for you with me.
My own father by my side.

I'm going to be a dad, I can share it with everyone.
It doesn't suit me but I don't really care!

You're the one I want to share with.
But no matter what I shout, it stays silent.

Still, you're going to support me in fatherhood.
You are gone, but I will always lean on you!

You remain my example, I want to be the same for my own blood.
You are no longer here and yet it is good!

Yes, it's good, though it hurts sometimes.
Because I can't be with you anymore.

We are forever connected, my father will always be you.
Now you're shining in the sun.

Dad, thank you, FINE!

by: a Voice of Thoughts 💭

#loss #paternity #father #opa #birth

A father without a father...