I spread out my umbrella, casting a shadow to shield me from visibility.
But I am behindhand.
She steps into the streetlight.
I slowly start to pant and drop my umbrella.
The light flickers. My heart pounds. She raises her arm.

Time stops.

The only indication of motion is the amber light flickering against her outstretched arm.
The flickering light is in an astonishing rhythm with the pounding of my heart.
Teasing me for succumbing to this forbidden emotion and sentiment.
Have you ever heard of a phantom feeling warmth before?

I wake up, nonplussed by the repeating dream of mine.

The way you glow through my blinds in the morning
It makes me feel like you missed me.

If it wasn’t for you, I could sleep forever.
But I’m not mad.

A girl in the sunlight

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