Bad hair days are the worst of them all. We are often drawn by the media-posed images of voluminous manes of sexy models, which makes us feel even worse, because that looks almost unachievable. Is that even realistic? Well, the truth is, they do go over-board. However, experts strongly believe that healthy hair is something that we all can hope to achieve and even achieve with a little bit of efforts made from our end. This article brings to you some essential and good hair care tips, straight from the experts which can help you maintain excellent and healthy hair.

Washing your hair frequently: dirt and oil tend to accumulate in your hair and on your scalp quickly. The dirt and the oil block out pores, inhibits the growth of the follicles and can even lead to mild hair fall. Washing your hair regularly can be an excellent solution to fix this issue. However, you need to take into consideration the nature and type of scalp. For instance, if your hair is excessively dry, washing regularly will only make it drier and to tackle that, you can consider washing it twice or thrice in a week. If you have oily hair, you can wash your hair alternate days.

Go natural, go chemical free: It is not possible to control all the environmental factors that go on to damage your hair or harm your hair. But you can surely control what you put on your hair. When you are choosing a shampoo, make sure that you go for a chemical-free one-that goes with your hair type. Shampoos have lathering agents such as sulphates and parabens, which can harm your skin and can cause irritation. These chemical compounds are also known to have caused hormonal disruptions.

Natural drying over hair-dryer: Lets just admit that hair-dryer gives your hair the kind of look and volume that you see on-screen. That is an irrefutable fact. However, using hair dryer or blow dryer directly on your hair is not good for the scalp as heat treatment is no good for the follicles. Resort to the hair dryer when there is a special occasion.

Use hair extensions for styling: Hair extensions are an excellent material for your hair, which can increase the volume and length of your hair and make all of it look natural. Hair extensions give you a completely new look. This is the most common understanding of hair extensions. But there is more to hair extensions. Hair extensions can be used as a shield against the harmful effects of styling on natural hair. You can style the extensions and make it look natural without applying the chemicals on your natural hair directly. If you are looking for Hair Extension Experts consider Bondi Hair Salon.

A List Of Some Excellent Hair Care Tips