Because of the low light I can't see his face clearly, he is dressed all in black as if he adapted a camouflage in the dark as a major advantage that makes him a perfect predator, his walk infused malice, alight and pride,

He unspeakable smiles at me and comes to me slowly heard. — I'm afraid this will be your end.. And I'm going to enjoy it. — the lump stuck in my throat becomes thicker, like a stone making it difficult for me to breathe, my hands start shaking and I control the trembling they want to get out of my body.

He separates giving way to the man without a face, this one approaches until it is close enough to me and the light stamps on his face, my eyes open like plates and my mouth is half-open surprised

I still don't understand how I got here, as after so many things this is the product of my shares.

I don't know if this is the end of my story, but what I know is that it's definitely not the beginning..

He loud and sharp sound of the alarm wakes me up, I snorted still tired, I reluctantly rise from the softness of my sleepy bed and passed a hand through my face rubbing my eyes in the process to mitigate the sleep that still wants to own me.

Another tedious day wrapped up in my bland routine, another day when I don't see a single sense, it just happens without finding it a direction or meaning whatsoever..

I wake up with a sense of bitterness in my chest seeing how my days go by little, watching how people see different shades of colors around them in their life, and I can't see them.

I shrug my shoulders while going to the bathroom to prepare to go to school, I had already resigned myself to this situation in the I immerse myself every day, a situation that I had created myself, to protect me, so that it would not affect me too much reality.


I get to school and sit somewhere far enough as possible, waiting for the teacher to arrive.

In the distance I can see my friends, it's an unpleasant feeling to feel like you don't belong anywhere, to feel like people laugh around you and you want to do it too but you just have no reason to inspire you to try.

Before we were very close from the kindergarten but from what happened with my father, I did not do the same again, he locked me up and although I didn't want to help but sink into sadness and loneliness, seeing my mother was only worse, the feeling was getting deeper and hurting.

And with the passing of time I was simply excluding myself from the world, I went away from them, even though sometimes we shared outings and afternoons, even though sometimes I talked to them, I would still feel gray, opaque.

— Good morning students. — greet the literature teacher entering the salon, we return the greeting and at all times just watch the relog hanging on the wall, hoping that the class will be finished.

<< Well today we'll start with..

But I don't finish formulating the phrase when a boy enters the door, the voices that were previously heard throughout the room are abruptly silent when he saw him.

The teacher turns around, when he observes him he inquieres. “You must be the nevus, right?. — The boy just nods without changing his undisturbed face.

<< Good. — the teacher observes us. — I present to you Jayden liebert who is new here at our institution. — when mentioning it most start whispering about the new boy, of course they are women, I roll my eyes.

the teacher invites him to sit down and he spends his gaze all over the place finding an empty place, his penetrating dark eyes fall into my presence, I remove myself in the seat suddenly restless by the depth of his gaze.

That's weird, this has never happened to me.

I gather the confused sign, but more baffled to see that in his impassive gaze rise its corner a little upwards, showing something like a smile, I deny thinking that I already went crazy.

The boy went to my address and involuntarily my nerves start to go crazy, later I realize that behind me there was an empty position and I scold myself internally by the reactions of my body to this stranger.

He passes the class with total peace of mind, but only for others since in the whole time I have become restless and more to feel a tickling in my neck because of the degree of his gaze.

Oh come on the boy is attractive but there's nothing interesting about it.

And that's what I thought.

I alternate my gaze at relog several times waiting anxiously for the class to end, let go of a tired sighs and turn around, face him and he is leaning on the table staring at me, his dark eyes collide with mine, and I retain a gasp when I see them so similar to the night, so dark that you can even see you reflected in them, swallow saliva by inertia observing that they are empty, lifeless, without anything.

His gaze is powerless, endless while he is only dedicated to watching me.

I gather the seño denying making me come back to reality. “How much do you see me?. — I don't want to sound rude but without being able to avoid it that way I sound.

To my surprise he suent a tilted smile. — You're so predictable..

My mouth is open outraged. — Ha you don't even know me..

— I know you well enough.

My lordship is gathering more deeply. “Who are you?.

He denies. — the new boy. — shrugs shrugs taking down the importance. — My name is jayden, and you.

I see him even stranged I don't trust me much about this guy, it's strange, he has an aura that bristles my skin and to my disgrace it's not in a bad way.

— Serena.. My name is serena. — I finish saying to the unknown, without even thinking about it, my body acts without my consent.

— A serene taste.. I finally found you. —masculla the last thing so softly that I can't hear very well.

“Excuse me what you said?- — I ask, he denies without losing his smile.

— It's nothing quiet. — seat still missed.

I turn around confused wanting to finish the project to go home but I look back at enrique, he picantly raises his eyebrows and I deny again and again when I buy the thread of his thoughts, he is one of my friends is dark toasted skin, his eyes are clear almost greenish, he has a somewhat serious attitude but at the same time will prick.

The class ends and I sigh with relief, I get up and go out to the dining room but before arriving the voice of enrique stops me.

- With what were you already putting your eye on the nuvo boy. — mumble with a mocking smile.

I roll my eyes watching it. — I wasn't putting my eye on anyone, stop nonsense. — I hurry to clarify.

— But you'll slowly deny that it's attractive. — mentions janeth entering the conversation, I gather the seno thinking about what moment he came to us. Janeth who is enrique's girlfriend is a dark-skinned girl, hair decorated with thick black curls that should be a nightmare in the mornings. Her personality is not somewhat stubborn, honest and overly sarcatic.

I sproot, — Well, if I have to admit it, the boy is catching but.. Nothing else. — Then in my mind comes the memory of your deserted eyes of any life.

I've never seen anyone like that, let alone admiring a look that hides so much mystery in it, and I'd hate to say that I'm really curious.

—Earth calling serena. — canturrea janeth passing her hand in front of my eyes, these flap to focus her on her presence.

— Hey what?I'm sorry, I was distracted.

they deny. — As always have you been.

After that we headed to lunch to return to the next class.

This time I get algebra, I go to my locker to take my books in that there comes an effusive sara hugging me from behind, I'm shocked by the surprise.

Sara is a girl who may seem sweet at first but she's a personality bomb, she's fun, charismatic, she's white complexion with some freckles splattered on her face, she has light brown hair almost golden. And the most important thing is my best friend.

— One day you're going to scare me. — I reply giving him a biting look.

— Oh don't be a dramatic. — Makes a gesture with his hand taking down the importance. — percent you've seen the new guy, it's nice, right?.

I roll my eyes with a sigh. “Why does everyone want to make me say over and over again that it's cute?. So is a normal person not a specimen of Greek mythology. — she sbreathes.

— That's why you're the boring of the group. — Affirm as an arm passes by wrapping my shoulders and we go to the next class.


The minutes went by and I still couldn't concentrate on the stupid class, the strange feeling in my neck did not diminish every second that passed, with a certain disguise I turned back and as I thought the new boy was watching me.

Do I have something on my face, or in my hair?. I don't know, but this is already tiring me. I watch him taking care that the teacher doesn't end up getting caught.

He finds himself beating me back with an object in his hands that I succeed in deciphering what it is, to my bewilderment suddenly when he realizes the thread of my gaze hides the object quickly.
I gather the confused seño.

Without realizing my eyes carefully scrutinize it has dark brown hair suddenly gave me an irrefutable desire to walk through every mechon with my fingers, his eyes covered by a black curtain deeper than a well, but fearing that there is nothing but loneliness?, It caused me curiosity, strangeness and bewilderment to feel something similar to someone I don't know

His features are sharp totally masculine, especially his chin that has a small trail of beard, but I don't know maybe I'm confused as I can't see well and less from this distance, his skin is white with a slight tan shade from the hot rays of the sun. Without realizing it smiling fun to see me watching him thoroughly, I feel my cheeks red suddenly.

But what the hell am I doing?. I look like a crazy stalker.

And since when did I blush?.

I turn around with a sigh taking all my strength to get back to class and I come up front with enrique's winning smile

Bufo. - what did you say?That you weren't putting your eye on the new boy?.

— You're a complete annoyance. — male.

he releases a smeared. — But that's how you love me. — mumble with a smile to return to his homework. I deny and without being able to contain it a smile stretches on my lips when I knew I was right, and even if I hate it, I couldn't deny that fact.

When the last class ends, I'm heading towards the exit to start my way home, but then something stops me is the new guy in the distance and this with Daniel?.

Daniel is white skinned, so much so that he has been confused with a vampire and even an emo, he has straight hair that rubs several times with his clear eyes, he is a strong boy, confident and confident.

Daniel I know him, we were very friends before but for reasons I don't know we just distanced ourselves, now it's strange to see him with the new guy. Will they know each other?. I remember the eyes before my question, but of course they know each other if they wouldn't be talking so familiar.

I gather the sign when I see them better together, they have a certain resemblance that greatly baffles me, some of their traits have a lot of similarity while others are so different.

I deny coming out of my cavilations starting to walk to my house but I think destiny doesn't want me to reach it because my friends intercept me.

Serena!. — exclaims beverly coming running to where I am. while others follow her behind.

“Hi bev, how are you?. — I ask, beverly is a girl with brunette complexion, sharp curves, long carbon hair, and her eyes of hazelnut tones, she is a girl who does not have to play with fire, loves the art of writing and has an incredible sense of humor.

— All right, thanks for asking and waiting for us.

Smiling. — There's no need to.. — I shrug my shoulders.

We started walking all together, and as strange as it seems I felt a kind of familiarity with the past, remembering how well we were all together and how in slow motion I began to see..

Enrique talking nonsense about his childhood, making janeth smile and blush with his attempt at seduction that made us all nauseous, while bervely and stevens spend the rest of the way insulting and killing each other.

Stevnes is a boy with white skin, long haired and a smile of heart attack, his attitude is terribly funny, he is not afraid to express himself as he is in order to see those he loves happy and always carries with him a camera, object that contains the most beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Always carry a camera with you, an object that contains the most beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Paola also accompanies us who always take her home in the middle of our tour.

Paola, is a girl with white complexion, delicate features, short curly hair on the tips has blue tones, is gentle and wastes sweetness and shyness wherever she goes, loves art, taste we share to a large extent

— Well goodbye, see you guys tomorrow. — I say goodbye taking the opposite way to theirs.

— Goodbye Serena. — exclaim from afar Beverly and Stevens, I give them back the gesture.

They all say goodbye but suddenly Henry exclaims something and the worst thing is he says it to the four winds.

“I hope you dream about the new boy!.

I roll my eyes, and the only thing you hear are squeals of emotion of wonder and mockery because that statement unfortunately has a small effect on me leaving me with nothing to say and I'm just going for what's left on my way feeling embarrassed.


The night had already fallen as fast as if the moon was in a hurry to shine on this boring day that for me became a little interesting.

Well I admit it, it was interesting and new.

They all find themselves sleeping, my mother a little tired of her daily hard work, and my grandfather with little deep dreams as if he had no trouble sleeping because of everything he has lived through and what has had to happen and.. There's no one else.. My father left home just like that, without leaving a note, nothing, when I was only about eight years old, it's too early for a girl to grow up without the love of a father.

Leaving me with broken dreams in case I'll ever come back, but I realized it's just an illusion, a mirage, in which when I'm afraid at night and stay to comfort me until my eyes close again. Create new wishes, also when I need it to protect me or maybe to feel that way..

It is very depressing the fact that his living memory produces me nostalgia, something that before to the contrary, something that once brought me joy, and that simply fade away as his presence as everything of the simple thing went away.

Feeling that my eyes are burning for the coming of tears, I squeeze my bite to endure, for not falling apart as in late nights I had done, and to feel strong because I know no one will do it for me, to depend on myself because I know that if I depend on someone else again I will only get hurt.

But even if you think so, life will take care of questioning you, make you doubt your thoughts.

I watch on my bedside table the photograph I have of him, in the end nothing was known about his whereabouts, he didn't even take his belongings, which was totally strange.

I yawn even having visions of my past rolling through my head I sleep alone so I don't remember those happy moments that the strangest thing is that they make you sad.

And the only thing that travels through my mind getting stuck in it is the image of dark eyes without life, looking at me so overwhelmingly intense. That boy is a stranger.

Or it never was.

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A Memory Recorded On My Skin

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