A Mexican party with popsicle sticks

The family cactus is having a party. Because from one, usually comes another. At first they were ordinary cacti, made with wooden ice sticks. You buy those sticks already green or you give blank sticks a green color, with paint or felt-tip pen. The arms are cut out of green paper.

Here they say goodbye to you, the three cactus. But despite the stimuli, they're a little bald. What's missing? Precisely! A sombrero! With two sticks, a cheerful Mexican hat is made easy. You can simply cut the sticks with (large) scissors. Gluing with an ordinary white glue or allslime is fine, with a little patience. If you do not have patience, use a glue gun.

So, with the sombreros, it's a lot nicer. Draw the Mexican triangles on the edge with marker. The cacti get in the mood for a party, with a little music. So come on, with that guitar music! Also the samba balls are now also brought out..

Ole!!! Admit it, you now also get in the mood for a party, a cozy Fiesta! These cacti take it from the beautiful late summer.

Do you also have a Mexican or tropical party at home or with friends? Then make these decorative cheerful cactus, easy to make, in minutes. Stick them on the drinking cups, make them a garland, hang them in a branch, glue them on a hair clip or brooch, make a refrigerator magnet, put them in/on the cake, stick them on the invitation card, etc...

Link Partner: Theepot-kopen.nl

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