A Mill In The Sunshine

#ZONSONDERGANG : Sunset is always a beautiful #natuurverschijnsel , so also this evening: 25-11-2020
Sunset is the moment when the sun disappears behind the horizon.
The sun has only completely set when the whole solar disk is no longer visible, which means that the day duration is on average a little longer than the night; the night only starts when the sun is completely set and ends at the moment when the first piece of sun is visible. By #reflectie in the atmosphere it remains light for some time, so sunset is not equal to the moment when it gets dark.
The time between the moment when the sun has already set while it is not completely dark is called the evening twilight: #schemering is therefore a transitional phase and sunset is a moment. It takes 3 to 4 minutes from the moment the first edge of the sun disappears behind the horizon to its demise, due to the diameter of the sun (0.53°). This duration depends on the season and latitude of the observation; from the equator it takes just over 2 minutes. The moment when the sun sets is often seen as the end of the day.