A movie in the mini camper

Last week I was invited to be a guest in the #minicamper by Hetty Jungschläger. I knew her from the LinkedIn challenge we had followed together and also from the nice network walk.

But I also knew her because she is an enthusiastic buyer of my children's book Keuteltje, a children's book with a hidden message about bullying and being different. And precisely because of my children's book, I took a seat in her cozy camper to tell you something about it.

It was a nice experience, wonderfully cozy in such a mini camper. An ideal place to read a book to you. I immediately had ideas. And if I have any ideas, that's generally a very good sign.

And then suddenly you're in that mini camper. Normally, I find it really scary to be captured on video. I'm never sure what to say or anything, but somehow the words flowed naturally. A one-taker as they call it. And actually, it was also good enough to be able to share right away. Why not?

Take a look at the end result of the video and let you know what you thought of it?