A perfect look

“You could be in a pageant.”

“Mom, be normal, this fashion queen thing isn't for me, is it?”

“Why not? You have a splendid appearance, especially when you laugh, you're a voice cannon.”

“And then I definitely have to put all this crap on my face, put thick layers of filler, walk on high heels, my hair always neat in shape, clothes that are perfectly matched and nails... something like you. No, thank you. I prefer to stay pure nature. I can't judo with long nails. And I fit to keep a close eye on my weight structurally. '

“As if you need it, you have a figure that many people are jealous of.”

“Still, I'll fit for it.”

'But there are also competitions where natural masses can score well. '

“The Miss Bearded Pageant certainly.”

'Exactly! You know me. Shall I sign you up?”