“A perfect resept”

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My love for cocktails will always last. Not just for cocktails, creating new flavors at all has been and remains one of the most beautiful creation splits that I can put into effect every now and then.

Making a simple cheesecake with its ready suit from the supermarket is not standard for me. No we don't make it with water, no just whipped cream. But we also add a lot of extras. From fresh fruit to nuts and/or chocolate.
A homemade apple pie. Something like that too. I do the raisins in a liqueur, which has a warm taste, so licor 43, chocolate liqueur, cinnamon liqueur or a caramel or chestnut syrup. I beat the whipped cream and I can get a little lawyer through that.

You notice all my fantasy can go pretty much on the bump.
What I think is important is that you eat and drink what you like.
Do you cook a recipe from a cookbook, give it your own signature. Do you make a cocktail? Enjoy it and dare to experiment. It's too fun not to.

Have fun and good luck

Well, I'm curious. What is your favorite dish/drink and have you honor resept?
“A perfect resept”  | Pascalle leungen-van roon
“A perfect resept”  | Pascalle leungen-van roon