Frank Vandenbroucke,
Today we think of you.

Your death is now 11 years ago, but many still experience lack and grief.

I remember well, it was in the morning, teletext flashed your name.
Like a dagger, like lightning, it hit me.

Yes, we really think about you and how you were shining.
Your life consisted of peaks, but also of great valleys!

It really doesn't matter to me, you deserve my respect.
When I heard of your death, I actually snatched!

No more blasting on my TV, you with your beautiful accent.
Never again shine in the course, you a super talent!

As DiCaprio, you shone in life.
The Titanic was your bike. What a lot you gave.

Thank you for all your wonderful moments, your duel on the La Redoute against Bartoli!
Where did you get it from? I don't know...

You demarred on the big plate just as long as it broke.
With predominance you took this' mountain 'and it seemed even with great ease.

You always knew how to hide your grimaces of pain and dispense.
You never gave up, and so you knew how to torso others very well.

I am also thinking of 1999 in Verona, with two broken wrists still in the breakaway.
The Great Scheldt Prize 1996, from which you drove full box for the peloton!

But... orbit the People in 1999 makes the crown for me, where you defeated fat 'The Lion'.
Peters also got it checked by YOU... RNER of the CENTURY!

You know, still you're in our minds, and philosophising about your career we still love to do, but you know, something struck us today.

We listened to your song, the SONG OF THE STARS...
It's a beautiful song.
It's about a great lack, it's about grief.

Especially the words, they make us both feel deeply moved.
Yeah, especially the words, “I wish I could wake you up.”

I'd love to love you so much. I'd like to tell you so much.
No, the feelings for this song do not need to be explained.

“I wish I could give you a call, I wanted to talk to you so badly.”
October 12, 2009... far too young you left us.

Frank, listen, for us you live forever (FOREVER!) And your legacy will never be lost!
But now, yes now we go to bed stirred... with a proud smile, but also a tear.

Johan and Angeliena House

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A Star Always Shines...