During a night of football on TV, I decided to browse Netflix to see if anything appealed to me. While poking around, I ended up on a Turkish series. I remember thinking to myself, 'am I really going to watch a series in that language', but the story really grabbed me from minute 1 and so I stuck. After 5 minutes, I didn't even hear the Turkish gibberish anymore and kept following the subtitles almost breathlessly.

The series had all the ingredients that appealed to me. Humor, romance, mystery, history. in short, I saw the eight episodes in 2 days.
The story starts in 2022 when a journalist reports on the 130th anniversary of the most famous hotel in all of Istanbul. There she meets the charming hotel manager and ends up in an exciting adventure when it turns out that the hotel has many secrets, including that you can travel through time by means of a key from certain rooms.
This is how they ended up in 1919 at the time of the Turkish War of Independence conducted by Ataturc. Together, they must ensure that history can take place so that the present is not jeopardized.
The end opens a door to a second season and I hope that it will definitely be streamed by Netflix as well

In short, a beautiful series and a surprising gem on Netflix. Sure it
worth watching.

The story witch,

Photo Source: Netflix

A surprising gem on Netflix

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