A wrong relationship

Dual-diary Man

A young woman meets a man who overcomes her with presents. He looks good and wears expensive branded clothes. Before she knows it, she fell over her head in love with this charmer.


People around her who don't wear pink glasses see what she doesn't see. They see he's not who he claims to be.

He may say that he is also in love with her, while giving her presents, trips and dinners... She may think he spoils her in bed and makes love to the stars of heaven... it's too good to be true.

Friends and family members join forces to pull her away from that man and follow his course. They want to know who he really is and even hire a private investigator to follow him 24/7.

That way, they find out he's got a lot to hide. He's been in prison once for assault, stalking and fraud. They confront her with this information, but she waves away everything they say. She's blind, stekeblind, even to his charms.

Missing in youth

Esther had had a difficult childhood. Her father was in an accident at a young age, and she grew up alone with her mother. An uncle who took on the role of a father passed on to her for years. She was looking for a sort of father figure in Ronald, someone who did see her standing and appreciated her for who she was and gave her the love she had so missed in her youth.

Yeah, her mother would have been there for her. She was very close to her mother, but she missed her father. She was only 5 years old when he died in a plane crash.

Her father carried her on her hands. She was his ray of sunshine and he loved Esther very much. The loss fell so hard on her, and then Ronald came into her life. He gave her everything her father gave her, so she fell like a block in front of him.


In love despite...

Esther does not care about all the warnings of her family and friends. She also gets in touch with them less often and if she calls or comes by, it's Ronald before and Ronald after. He's always there. It's like there's honey on her, 'cause he's everywhere she is. He controls her completely and slowly takes her possession.

Soon they move in together and even talk about getting married, having children and house, tree, animal. She's still over her head in love with her Ronald. She hardly ever sees her family and friends again.

The assault

The years go by. A couple of kids have come, and she's been lovingly raising them. She is mostly alone, because he is increasingly away for his work. He says he's working a lot of late because it's so busy at the law firm where he works.

He's a devil's lawyer. He makes a lot of money, and the car he drives is big and expensive. It's not just a big car, it's more of a pimp bin. He does cunning business, deals with human trafficking and drugs.


She has no knowledge of this, but she does notice that he is becoming more aggressive towards her and the children and can fall out of nowhere against them. She gets almost no money to get by and he abuses her and the kids regularly.

When he's already at home, he hangs with a bottle of liquor and a joint in front of the TV, demanding what she should do for him.

The children are silent when he is at home and stay in their room as much as possible. They often hide under the blankets or even in the closet or under the bed. They're terrified of their daddy and they don't understand why he's acting like that.

When the police come...

It's one of the occasional moments when he's still at home. He resists heavily if the arrest unit tries to arrest him and get him out of his house. The children lie screaming on the floor, crying with fear. Esther is numb with fear and can only look apathetic at the scene that is taking place in her house.

A young woman meets a man who has her o—

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A young woman meets a man who has her o—