Motorboot knutselen

Knutselen is leuk, maar nog leuker is het om iets te maken, waar je ook echt mee kunt spelen. Wanneer je dan ook nog aan recycling doet, dan is het helemaal gaaf! Met die uitgangspunten ging ik vorige zomer met de jongens aan de slag met het maken van een motorbootje van lege flessen. Uiteindelijk zou er uren meer gespeeld worden. 



  • Vier lege plastic flessen
  • Klein motortje 3V
  • Batterijhouder AA
  • IJscostokjes
  • Klein houten blokje
  • Houtlijm
  • Dubbelzijdig tape
  • Decoratie naar eigen inzicht.

Hoe kom ik aan deze materialen?

Motortjes kun je soms slopen uit kleine huishoudelijke apparaten, denk aan een handventilator. Wanneer dit niet lukt zijn er ook diverse webwinkels waar deze verkrijgbaar zijn. Ook batterijhouders AA kun je daar krijgen.



Leg drie flessen naast elkaar. Het mooiste is als deze flessen even groot zijn. Plak de ijscostokjes vast aan de flessen. Doe dit zo, dat de eerste fles vast komt te zitten aan de tweede en de tweede aan de derde. Je krijgt dus eigenlijk een  plat vlak bovenop de flessen. Hierop lijm je een houten blokje. Dit blokje moet zo hoog zijn dat je propeller niet in het water komt te liggen. Gebruik hiervoor houtlijm, omdat houtlijm waterbestendig is.

Plak de batterijhouder met tape aan de zijkant van het blokje. Het motortje komt aan de bovenkant. Maak een propeller zoals op het filmpje en klaar is je bootje.

Stroom en elektriciteit klinkt een beetje eng. Toch kan er weinig gebeuren. De batterij ligt niet in het water en doordat je een fles gebruikt wordt de batterij ook niet nat. Mocht de batterij onverwachts toch koppie onder gaan, dan kan in het ergste geval je batterij defect raken. De stroom die de batterij afgeeft is te zwak om verdere schade aan te richten. .

Father's Day Formula 1 Puzzle
Is your father such a big fan of Max Verstappen?? And he also watches every Sunday as Max goes to race on television? Then this homemade puzzle is a nice gift to give with Father's Day! And you think, I can't, I'd like to show you that it's not hard and that you really can! Step by step you can see below, how you can also make a personal Formula 1 puzzle for your dearest father. That's going to work out, because your dad, like Max Verstappen, also belongs on number 1! Supplies: Blank puzzle A3 (it has 60 puzzle pieces) and Permanent markers, eg. Shrinkage markers from Collall. A scissors to cut out the car and a ruler is also useful. That's all! Save the above drawing (save with right mouse button) and then go to the saved folder to print it out from there. Then cut out the car and pull around the perimeter with the black marker. Draw the details on the car with red and yellow Then fill in the whole car with black. Draw a line behind the car with the blue marker. (use a ruler for this) Also put the bottom blue line and color that part blue. After that, do the same with green. See what you want to put above it and count the boxes you need. In each box comes a letter. Color the boxes as you like. It's very easy to draw black lines between the pieces. that goes (almost) all by itself. Keep the marker upright. The edge is nothing but a black midline, than angled lines on it (that doesn't have to be precise). You color the boxes around and around. Write a letter in each piece with black marker. In this case: Dad is my no. 1! (The IJ can be in 1 puzzle piece) If you like it, you can draw another heart in each empty piece, or an asterisk, or dots, or just leave it white. And this is how your puzzle can look. But if you have your own ideas, feel free to do so, that makes the puzzle completely personal! And it may be a bit superfluous to say, but if Aunt Toos or Neighbor Saskia is a big fan, then you can also make a Formula 1 Puzzle for her. So not just for dads:). Take apart the pieces and let Daddy put together his own puzzle. Ready for the start? OFF! Puzzling but! Can he do it in 1 minute? Below you will find a nice craft tip to make a Formula 1 car from 1 kitchen roll, 4 milk cups, satestokjes and the free printables to stick on it. Cool, hey? Max Verstappen Formula 1 racing car crafting - Read more Shrinkage permanent markers Blank Puzzle A3 blank puzzle A4 Book Formula 1 (Olav Mol) Book how Formula 1 works Book Formula 1 2021 De Knutseljuf Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea for years with Kids! All craft tips of De Knutseljuf Ede can be found on the website Do you want a creative workshop at your home? Then look at Follow De Knutseljuf Ede on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here for free at Yoors! #fathersday #formule1 #maxverstappen #raceauto #racewagen #grandprix #f1 #puzzle #puzzleen   #f1   #auto   #racewagen   #raceauto   #formula1maxverstappen   #tinkering   #redbull         
Colored Rolls...
#jjaede MY first work done alone, when I started painting I didn't think I could achieve it, I copied carbon images, did work with laser prints or just unicolor. After leaving my third surprise pregnancy, I went to a country art shop where I always wanted to enter I met his owner Adriana very friendly, showed me everything available from his store and before leaving he told me about his courses in painting on wood. I'm excited about the idea, but it was the next day, words came up in.mi mente que evitaban participará. But I decided not to keep thinking if I will come. The next day I went to the course I loved it, and after several workshops I decided to try myself at home alone. I had a wooden chest and everything needed. Among so many ideas I had been told about one, Argentinian artist who drew spectacular, and I decided to look at his works I had just created a work that was exactly how I felt. I fell in love with that work so much that I didn't think about it and immediately decided to start painting. I can't say I'm the same but it's my work of art, it was what I wanted to do, how I felt. Thousands of ideas and colors passed through my mind. Desire to create painting. The chest was very beautiful, I sold it immediately to buy more material to continue painting. And here I am painting a lot more beautiful things that I can think of. Sometimes he did not publish. But I always save my photos of the process until I finish it.. These photos were from years ago and I kept in an app of my mobile Google Photos that I download in 2000, I love this app and I have years relying on it to store all my photos I have ideas. Follow me on Instagram! Username: rorocando I hope you like it as much as I do. Sent from my HUAWEI P9 lite