About points, coins and stay or step on


“Are you working for an ad agency or something, Dana?”

“No, I'm not in the service of anyone. Completely independent. Impartial. Free opinion.”

'In that case, I would still like to read you and/or listen to you. Well, come on. Why is Yoors so super awesome?”

“You never heard me say that. Yoors is just fun. I'm allowed to be there myself, without getting any comments I can't do with. Can go wonderfully loose in various writing challenges, that's really my thing. Trading points for coins, I don't put on. At least not so far. I'm waiting for the bigger money (chuckle). I do not use all the options, I do not read all blogs, do not look at all the pictures, all the craft ideas, rarely listen to musical content, also videos I usually ignore me. All that can be found on this platform, something for everyone. And you don't get bombed with all kinds of advertising that don't give you a message.”

'But are you also heard when you criticize? I have regularly heard noises that when you disagree with something about the course of events, you can leave. '

'Yes, at least you are not forced to stay, that should be added. Regular is also very overdone. There's something everywhere. Negative issues are, unfortunately, greatly enlarged. Constructive criticism is a bit involved, when it is within the possibilities, eh? '

“And the fantastic earnings model? What about that? Can it make you rich? Well?”

'Yes, sure! At least it has enriched my life. '